Good Food & Wine Show 2017 Experience

Good Food & Wine Show 2017 Experience



In my previous post I mentioned that I would be exhibiting at The Good Food & Wine Show this year. If you don’t know what it is, let me inform you. It is the largest culinary event in Africa! There are celebrity chefs flown in from around the world, lots of top notch wines and foooood.

There are 3 separate events in South Africa’s 3 largest cities – Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Seeing as I live in Cape Town, I partook in the Cape Town event.

What makes the Good Food & Wine Show so exciting (as a business owner) is the sheer volume of people that attend the show. Over 3 days a whopping 25 000 people walk through those doors and they want 3 things: good food, good wine and culinary entertainment.

I don’t do events of this scale very often. In fact I usually tell myself after each one “I’m never going to do this to myself again!” Yet I somehow end up doing a large event again 2 – 3 years later. Is there a name for this condition?


Preparing for the Show


Stall Styling & Décor


If you are not into styling and décor, please go ahead and skip this part!


Now baking is one thing. Styling a food stall is a whole other beast I am not very good at conquering! It’s just not really my thing even though I’ve tried super hard in the past. And that’s okay. Over the years I’ve come to terms with calling in help when it is needed!

In this case I approached my friend and flower genius, Marieke du Plooy from Marijke, to do all the flowers for the stall and also assist me with the layout and design of Philosophy of Yum’s stall. You might recall her work from a previous project we did together – the Folksy Garden Party in November 2015!


Marijke did all the breathtakingly beautiful bouquets of flowers and also made stunning flower crowns for the girls at the stall! They absolutely loved wearing them and got tons of compliments from customers. The crowns just added that something extra. SO special.

Photo on the left by


All in all, this was really the stall of my dreams. It was everything I hoped it would be.


The Tablecloths


Marieke has such a stunning style and incredible instincts. She showed me an image of an ombre tablecloth (which I had never heard of or seen before in my life) and I decided right there that I just HAD to make this for my stall! The tablecloths were probably the most labour intensive items in the décor, but it was totally and completely worth it.


I used 2 parts Fir Green cold fabric dye and 1 part Charcoal grey dye… and I also added a teaspoon of blue food colouring! Haha! I didn’t want teal, but I also wanted to take the edge off the green. I didn’t buy blue fabric dye, so in went the food colouring.



The technique is actually quite simple. You wet the fabric and then lay it out flat on top of some plastic (which in this case took up our entire living room). Next I took a huge paintbrush, dipped it in the dye and proceeded to paint the fabric from one side to the other.

I left the fabric to think for about 24 hours and then painted over the colour fixative. After this I left it to dry on the plastic and then I hung it over some chairs till it was completely dry. The actual labour was probably around 2,5 hours, but the drying and resting took a good 2 days. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! It’s just SO PRETTY!!

The final colour was a type of “sage” which I thoroughly loved. Since there would be lots of flowers I wanted to stick with a natural type of colour that most people can relate to. Pink or purple would not have worked at all and grey might have been a bit too cold.

I also wanted a mellow type of colour that would not draw focus away from the brownies, but rather compliment them.

The Display Case


I really needed a beautiful new display case for the Good Food & Wine Show. Initially I opted for a glass display case, but when I got the quote I nearly fell off my chair! For some unknown reason I started looking for companies who work with Perspex.

Back when I studied architecture we used Perspex in our models all the time for windows and doors because it reads like glass, but is more durable and lighter. The durability and weight would be particularly handy since we would need to carry the display case around quite a lot.


Photo on the right by


Cape Acrylic was just outstanding throughout the whole process! They are so committed to their clients and the quality of their work. I could not be happier with my display case and everyone thought it was made of glass. Biggest perk: the Perspex display case cost like 85% less than a glass case would have. Thanks Cape Acrylic!




Our dear friend and brother, Ben Walker from 2Can Carpentry, helped so much with the stall! Thank you for your amazing craftsmanship! He made a beautiful base for the display case in a matter of minutes. He and my husband also made this backdrop out of little blackboards. I’ve found that it always helps to have clients’ comments at your stall 🙂


Good Food & Wine Show Experience


The celebrity chefs at the Good Food & Wine Show this year were just incredible! Marco Pierre White and Jan Hendrik Van der Westhiuzen were the main attractions. Other incredible chefs include Neill Anthony (a little anecdote on him later), Reza Mahammad, Sarah Graham, Vanessa Marx, Jenny Morris and singer J’something. They cooked, they answered questions and entertained the eager crowds with such panache!


The rest of the hall was packed with everything you could possibly imagine… Exclusive bars, food trucks, cake decorating labs and even the largest Elephant Cake in the world! Yes, that is an actual cake – CRAZY!



Philosophy of Yum


As for my stall, we actually won an award! Silver for the best newcomer at the Good Food & Wine Show! The criteria covered the look of your stall plus the actual product. It was so darn exciting and the award even came with a voucher to dine at a great restaurant here in Cape Town. Fun! It was a great feeling being rewarded for all the effort we went through to get the stall so pretty. Making a quality product is of course the reason why Philosophy of Yum exists, but being rewarded for that is naturally great too!


Photos on the left and in the middle by

I’m really happy with my decision to sell brownies only. I believe that proper brownies are one of the highest ideals of earthly bliss (yes, I have been watching “Anne with an E”) for anyone with a mouth. They are chewy, gooey, FULL of flavour and can be adapted into an endless variety of flavours!

I LOVE BROWNIES! And so did all of the customers! A big thank you to CocoaFair for sponsoring some chocolate for my stash of brownies!

I also had the most wonderful friends to work at my stall this year. TC and Angie were absolutely amazing! Who wouldn’t buy brownies from such beautiful ladies?? 😉 Angie particularly enjoyed meeting Neill Anthony as she has been watching his cooking show for quite some time.

Neill Anthony had one of our Red Velvet Brownies and apparently loved it – so rad! The recipe is here on the blog if you want to make them for yourself.

Taking part in such a huge event is exciting and all, but baking 1100 brownies for the Good Food & Wine Show on top of baking for 2 coffee shops and baking a 2 tier cake for a 70th birthday was really a bit too intense. So yet again I am saying “I will never do this to myself again.”

I often forget that I am physically a bit limited due to scoliosis and only having partial functionality in my right arm. After an event like this, my body makes me fully aware of my reality. It’s time to be kind to Aurelia, know what I mean? I have limits and that’s okay 🙂

Thank You's

BIGGEST SHOUT-OUT THE WORLD HAS EVER WITNESSED TO MY HUSBAND!!! He is the most incredible and talented human being. Whatever his hands and mind commit to, ends up blooming! I’m still working on getting him to bake something… I’m 100% sure he’ll be great at that too! One day honeypie… One day.

Your constant, joyful love and support make me feel like a divinely beautiful giant! I could never have done any of this without you!

Another shout-out to my cousin Judith who supported me every single day before, and during, the show. She calls herself my “groupie”! She is really like my sister and it was so wonderful to share this whole experience on a day to day basis with someone who cares so much about me and believes in me and what I do. I deeply appreciate your love and excitement over my life.

Thanks to everyone else who helped, supported and lent things for the Good Food & Wine Show: Mom, Erin, Dylan, Saa-rah and Bonnie. Sorry if I’m leaving someone out.

And the best has been saved for last… My Jesus. My air and joy. Thank you that my value in You is steadfast and doesn’t get swayed by any success or failure. I love You.

Thanks for reading! It has been quite a journey and I am grateful for it.

Chat soon

Aurelia 🙂


Hi! I'm Aurelia 🙂

I'm a Self Taught Artisan
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A Folksy Garden Party

A Folksy Garden Party

Folksy Garden Party

This Garden Party was a Collaboration between: Philosophy of Yum, Alice Swan Photography, The Royal Commoners, Marijke and Live Piano Music

Featured on: The Pretty Blog

During my very first year in Cape Town, I fell in love with the work of Alice Swan. She had photographed the wedding of close friends of ours. And then another. And then another. And yet another! We kept bumping into each other about every 2-3 months at weddings.

Since I had sent her an email with my full arsenal of adjectives about how I love her photography, she knew who I was and we would chat a bit at every wedding rendezvous.

About a year ago she contacted me with an unexpected email… She wanted to do a book! With me! A coffee table recipe book with beautiful photography and a bit of a story. How exactly it would turn out, we had no idea.

We just knew that our creative vibes were in harmony, so we were both keen to take a shot and see what happens.

folksy garden party

From the very first conversations, it was clear that we loved the same things when it came to food photography and styling. We loved simplicity, honesty and un-staged (as far as possible) shots. Photographer Alice Swan has a Mary Poppins bag full of experience, so drawing from her guidance was, and still is, one of the biggest blessings of my career.

folksy garden party | garden party ideas | garden party cakes | garden party decor

However this collaboration would turn out, there definitely had to be a Garden Party Feast with our closest friends and family! We knew I was going to be making a vast variety of Brownies, Muffins and Cakes and if the two of us attempted to eat it all, we would become diabetic and a few sizes larger…

Thus it would be better to invite friends and together we could all become only 1 size larger. Genius.

folksy garden party collage

The initial feel for our Folksy Garden Party: It had to be laid back. It had to be beautiful. It had to have character and texture. It had to be abundant and delicious – A table fully stocked with glorious cakes and flowers! A dear friend, Jenny Odell, opened up her home to us for the whole book shoot AND the Folksy Garden Party.

Having the Garden Party in the garden of a loving home, made all the difference. If you are planning to host a Garden Party, have it in the backyard of someone you know and love, if you can.

A mutual friend of ours, Marieke du Plooy (super talented young woman) is just an effortlessly spectacular florist. Her business is called Marijke. She also loves earthy, natural tones and immediately wanted to get involved when we told her about our upcoming Folksy Garden Party.

She made a unique floral crown for each lady at the party. We all felt so beautiful and special! How often do you get to wear a floral crown? Such a beautiful, personal touch. Loved it!

folksy garden party flowers

She just happens to be the lead singer in an incredible Modern Folk band, The Royal Commoners, here in Cape Town as well. AMAZING voice. Seriously. Check them out. Her hubby is the guitar player and also sings – sweet!

They played their whole set for us, acoustically, right there in the garden. It was just wonderful! Have a listen to their song Lion's Den… Fantastic vibes! Alice had the brilliant idea of using an old VW Minivan for the stage (provided by Classic Kombis).


After The Royal Commoners played for us, my legendary husband graced our ears with his light, jazzy tunes on Piano. He is a remarkable pianist. I love his playing more than doughnuts. He’s that amazing. Check out his site Live Piano Music! Capetonians, book him for your wedding or event – it adds magic to the atmosphere!

folksy garden party piano

We rented some props, worn and full of character, from the sweetest woman just down the road at Frogatt & Frost. The flowers by Marijke just blended in perfectly with the props and garden. Alice also made some beautiful, more natural, bunting from hessian fabric. Combined with strips of lace and ribbons, the décor danced in the wind.

folksy garden party decor

The cake table – my favourite part! Yay! As we were 2 months into spring, I just HAD to make a Strawberries and Cream Cake. Two layers of moist vanilla cake swirled with homemade strawberry jam, filled and topped with our signature Philosophy of Yum Cream Cheese frosting, and finished with plump, ripe strawberries. So darn yummy!

This cake is our best seller during spring and summer. It just looked so pretty at our Folksy Garden Party 🙂

folksy garden party cake

The other two cakes were crowd pleasers, I must admit, but if Philosophy of Yum does a classic, we do it properly. This is my ultimate Carrot Cake – full of freshly grated carrots, raisins, crushed pineapple, cinnamon, ginger and toasted pecans.

The other classic just had to be Dark Chocolate Cake, obviously. Dark, moist and extremely chocolatey with the perfect balance between a fluffy and dense crumb. Filled with chocolate cream cheese frosting and then completely covered in smooth chocolate ganache made from organic chocolate by CocoaFair (my favourite chocolatier in Cape Town).

folksy garden party cake 2

Our Folksy Garden Party cake table also had Red Velvet Brownies, Double Chocolate Brownies, Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Muffins, Pear & Blueberry Muffins and Gluten Free Cranberry & Coconut Muffins.

My sister (who recently passed away in a tragic car accident) even brought along her bunny, Ninja, to the Garden Party! Aren’t they just adorable together? I’m sure going to miss her jokes, gumption and colourful personality. I’m extremely grateful that we got to share such grand memories in this beautiful setting.


In our experience, a late afternoon Garden Party works best. This way it can even carry on smoothly into the evening if you have twinkle lights and wine on standby 🙂 If you do it in the morning, the sun will become too harsh… Not a pleasant way to end a party.


Thank you to my dear friends Alice and Marieke for this collaboration. I had so much fun working with you and learning from you! This Folksy Garden Party was also published on The Pretty Blog – you can read it here.

Chat soon!

Aurelia 🙂

Hi! I'm Aurelia 🙂

I'm a Self Taught Artisan
Home Baker empowering
unlock their FULL potential
Home Baking


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Kamers Vol Geskenke Trader’s Experience 2015

Kamers Vol Geskenke Trader’s Experience 2015


What a crazy few months it has been! Since November 2015, I’ve had a decent bit of time to process my whole first time experience as a Kamers Vol Geskenke trader. There were a few little lows, but mostly highs. Here is my journey of the Stellenbosch Kamers of 2015.


kamers banner


For 3 years I have wanted to participate in this market, so it really was a dream come true! The selection process is quite thorough and intense with a few different rounds in order to sift out the best local artisan in each specific field. They exclusively want local, handmade quality, creativity and originality. To quote Kamers vol Geskenke:


“We’re not into the perfectly made or the mass produced – it’s about high end true craft, slightly imperfect, timeless and originally designed… that special something that is only found at the show.”


There is a special arrangement available for Young Entrepreneurs as well. If you are under 28 years of age, your business is no older than 2 years and you’re a first timer, then your stall costs about ¼ of the standard rate and you pay less commission. This is such a wonderful initiative to encourage young entrepreneurs and provide a more accessible opportunity to learn and grow, which I did for sure.


Now, the Kamers ladies… Never before have I met such a dedicated and passionate team! It was something amazing to witness and also benefit from. These ladies LOVE their jobs. They LOVE their brand. They believe in what they do, and it shows in every phone call, every email, every interview… We were always treated with admiration and respect.

For this reason, you want to push yourself to put your absolute best foot forward and they are right there to assist you with that. There are ladies available to deliver input on your products, pricing, stall design, logistics, finances etc. Amazing support all around in order for everyone to succeed!


kamers ladies


The Kamers team has great taste. That’s a nationally known fact. The venue was stunning! Webersburg Wine Estate’s historic buildings, lush lawns, trees and dam hosted us for an entire 6 days. This venue is also surrounded by mountains and vineyards! So exquisitely beautiful!

One of the main Webersburg Managers bought goodies from us several times a day! About 5 months before the actual market, there was a breakfast for all the traders at the venue. It was great to see the venue beforehand and plan how your stall would look in the surroundings.




The crowd at Kamers is definitely a whole different one than that of any other market or event I’ve ever done before. Most women looked like they could be on the cover of a magazine! The most interesting thing to me was that the visitors did not want the usual flavours that have sold the best at my former markets. They wanted something NEW and inspirational. How refreshing! “Challenge accepted!”


I then gladly altered my menu from the second day. The Earl Grey & Salted Caramel Blondies sold very well, so did the gluten free Choc Chip Pecan Cookies – customers could not get enough of them! The most popular cupcake was definitely still the glorious German Apple & Nut! It’s our bestselling cupcake by far since we started 3 years ago. Have you tried it yet? Do your palate a favour 🙂


The vibe during the week was a bit quiet, but over the weekend it was bustling! In my experience, it would be better to make the market 4 days long (Thursday – Sunday), instead of 6 days, so that the market is more geared towards the weekend.  This would condense the flow of people more, so that every day is worth it and not ever quiet for 50%-70% of the day – which was the case the first 2 days. If the market is a bit shorter, it would also not be as gruelling on the traders. 4 Days really is a decent length for an annual market.




Sales went very well! Especially on the Saturday. We sold a whopping 320 items! My amazingly talented cousin, Mariechen du Plessis, single-handedly styled and manned my Philosophy of Yum stall. She’s a superstar people person!

I could never have done this without her. My husband, sister and another cousin all jumped in on Saturday to help with the weekend rush. My husband in fact drove through from Cape Town to Stellenbosch every morning to deliver fresh goods while I was at home baking away.




The biggest downer was by far the sad ending on Sunday… It was the only day I could actually be at the market myself to see the stalls and enjoy the beautiful scenery. An extremely strong wind came out of nowhere! It was blowing at 60km/hour… It became so severe that the tents of the craft traders started blowing down! Concerned for everyone's safety, the Kamers team decided to close the market just 2 hours into the day. It was very disappointing, but a good call.


It was very satisfying to be a Kamers vol Geskenke trader. It's such an esteemed market, so it really was a great honour… All the traders are incredibly passionate about their handmade products, so finding some kindred spirits was just bliss! I'll end off with a little video of our table at the stall. Enjoy!


Thanks for reading!

Chat soon

Aurelia 🙂

Hi! I'm Aurelia 🙂

I'm a Self Taught Artisan
Home Baker empowering
unlock their FULL potential
Home Baking


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24 Hours as an Artisan Bread Baker

24 Hours as an Artisan Bread Baker

As all bakers know, baking bread is a whole different ballgame than baking cake! Over Christmas break 2015, my husband and I stayed with some dear friends in Johannesburg – Nathan and Dominique Odell. They picked us up at the airport, moderately covered in flour with tired, yet excited eyes and warm hearts.

Artisan Bread Baking

We didn’t even know that they would be baking on the day we were arriving! Not that I minded at all, because there had been a lingering hope to learn from these two as they are in a whole different sphere of baking than I am…

Baking Bread with the crust and crumb

Dominique shaping some Ciabattas with the final result on the right

They are BREAD bakers! The best kind too… the kind that prefers to focus on quality above all else. The kind that insists on amazing flavour. The kind that would rather be artisans than tycoons. Naturally, I completely identify with this approach! I felt an instant connection with these two as bakers because their approach to food is pure and honest. They are passionate about their craft in a very genuine and approachable way! Their bakery is called The Crust and Crumb.

The Evening Shift

I got to bake with Dominique later that evening on the next batches of Baguettes and Ciabattas. We mixed the dough BY HAND that night. Instead of letting a machine knead the dough, we just gave it a “turn” every 30mins for 2 hours. Bread actually does not need to be kneaded. Kneading speeds up a process that can occur perfectly well if nature is just given enough time to do its magic!

They also insist on using stone ground flour with a better flavour and free from preservatives. We then left the dough to ferment overnight in order to achieve a greater flavour.

bread bakery | bread baking | artisan bread

The Morning Shift

On the following rainy summer morning (at 5am – yawn!) we started shaping the dough. The Ciabattas are quite technical, so we both figured it would be better for me to shape the Baguettes with her. Working with bread dough was just a whole different experience for me as a cake baker.

At first I was quite wary that I would mess it up, but Dominique is such an encouraging instructor. With her help and guidance I managed to shape sell-able loaves! My experience developed from petrified, to interested, to amused, to blissful!

Working with bread dough is probably one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever done. It’s quite mesmerizing to see and feel it move and change with the slightest change in movement from your hands… this was my favourite part for sure.


Baguettes rising, baking and cooling

What’s so lovely about baking bread with Dominique is that she’s very trusting and such a wonderful teacher. As a teacher, she’s not over protective over her bread and allows you to be fully involved in every process.

She’s not afraid to get stuck in – she's extremely comfortable with bread. She just gets it. Her hands know exactly what to do, so learning from such a teacher is a total joy!

Baking the Bread

We left the loaves to proof again and finally got to slash and bake them. Baking bread was quite a different, and much hotter, experience than with cake baking! Bread doesn’t exactly bake at 180˚C… It bakes at a whopping 240˚C! It also happened to be the middle of a Johannesburg heatwave, so even though it was already 28˚C outside at 7am, it seemed like a fridge compared to standing by the oven.

Before long the glorious aromas of freshly baked bread started making up for every little bit of discomfort! The dark golden loaves were cracking and snapping from the heat… your nose, ears and eyes all preparing your taste buds for possible and probable magic!


Ciabattas baking away in the oven

Delivering the Bread

Unfortunately we could not stuff our faces just yet. It was time to go deliver! We hopped in the car and took the fresh loaves to Dominique’s dad’s (Tony Martin) butchery – Meat World. She bakes fresh bread for them for Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. I felt quite official in my chef’s jacket, carrying fresh loaves like I made all of them or something =P

“Mortals, we have arrived!… yes, and your bread happens to be here too.”

After setting up the bread in the pretty display baskets, it was time to head home for breakfast! Nathan and Dominique prepared some incredible crispy fried bacon, pan-fried soft eggs and then of course a Baguette we had made only moments ago with some salted butter… I might have had an outer body experience… It was delicious. Wow…


Fresh bread for sale at Meat World in Alberton, Johannesburg

If you are interested in learning the art of baking bread, and you are in the Johannesburg area, you are in luck, because Dominique and Nathan have bread courses every month! Book yourself a spot. It will be one of the best food decisions of your life! They just love their craft and love sharing it with people. To book your spot, click here.

A Well deserved Breakfast – with Fresh Artisan Bread!

For the rest of the weekend we were fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Portuguese hospitality and humour! Tony’s authentic Portuguese Chorizo on top of Dominique’s fresh Ciabatta is where my husband had his share of an outer body experience.

We also had a massive pre-Christmas dinner with their family and a whole bunch of other friends! 3 turkeys, potatoes, salads, veggies, pudding, friends, laughter, wine, family and love… It was truly an experience we’ll always treasure.


Dominique and I after the morning baking session

It is, however, very important to mention that eating bread like this will ruin you for life. You will not be able to buy another mass produced loaf of sliced bread again… Domi and Nathan explained to us that Bread is only supposed to be made of flour, water, salt and yeast.

Next time you buy a mass produced loaf, check out the ingredients list… there are at least 15 ingredients; All kinds of additives and preservatives to speed up the proofing and preserve the bread for abnormal stretches of time. Bread is not supposed to be edible after 2 days.

Daily bread.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

If you are in Cape Town, as I am, you can pop over to Woodstock Bakery at 13 Brickfield Road. They also believe in a long fermentation process, also use stone ground flour and the cherry on top – they bake their bread in a wood fired oven! Spectacular flavour! Their sourdough is a big favourite of mine.

It’s really starting to become increasingly more important to me to support local food crafters that are passionate about food and flavour. There is always so much to be shared, learned and enjoyed!

Till next time!

Aurelia 🙂

Hi! I'm Aurelia 🙂

I'm a Self Taught Artisan
Home Baker empowering
unlock their FULL potential
Home Baking


Top secret recipe for CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES! Super moist, creamy, soft and chocolaty! Absolutely divine...
Yummiest Frosting on the planet! It is so flipping DELICIOUS!!! So delicious in fact that it makes you giggle, squirm and dance from the deliciousness.
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Delicious Cupcakes in Cape Town – Finally!

Delicious Cupcakes in Cape Town – Finally!

Delicious Cupcakes in Cape Town, finally!

There is a very hefty reason behind WHY I insist on creating DELICIOUS cupcakes in Cape Town as opposed to overly sweet, flavourless, fondant crazy cakes…

My mother is a dietitian.

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm a baker of fattening things and my dear loving mother is a dietitian 🙂 But not just ANY dietitian… She is Liesbet Delport! Author of around 7 or 8 (or more?) books. Eating for sustained Energy 1,2,3 & 4, South African Fat & Protein guide, South African GI guide, Gluten Free for Sustained Energy, Eat Smart for Sport, Eat Smart and Stay Slim… She's head of the GI Foundation of South Africa.

The woman is a ROCK STAR.

Liesbet and daughter, Aurelia

I was fortunate enough to benefit from her bottomless brain of dietetic knowledge, decades of research and logical, practical nutrition basics. Here's the eye opening part… We did not grow up on Salad alone. No! We've always eaten carbs (at every meal), fat (good and bad. I'll expand on this later), vegetables, protein, dairy. ALL food groups and all of them very well balanced.

If I didn't know everything I did about nutrition, the one question I would probably want to ask a dietician is: HOW do you approach sweet, fattening things??

Now if there's one thing I've learned that has influenced my whole outlook on dessert, it is this…

If I only have a certain amount of calories to spend on sweet things every week, it has to jolly well be worth it!! I'm definitely not going to spend it on something generic, synthetic and stale.

I've noticed that if the sweet thing I eat has a lot of flavour, then I need far less of them before I feel sweetly satisfied! That's why I started developing these recipes I use in Philosophy of Yum.

I couldn't find any delicious cupcakes in Cape Town. I went to Charly's Bakery once, had a chocolate cupcake for $2 (sheesh!) and it was old and dry! What a waste of calories and money man. Also, everyone uses buttercream…

I‘ve always been that kid that takes the frosting off the cake and then just eats the cake. Buttercream upsets me on an emotional level. It's a paste of fat and sugar. Gross. Even if you whip it, it's still way too sweet.

I'd rather go for something balanced, full of flavour, made with top quality ingredients that will satisfy my dessert craving far better than a heap of flavourless sweetness. I started baking things that I actually WANT to eat. Our frosting is completely different…

Delicious Cupcakes in Cape Town


What would you rather EAT? Really? Which cupcakes can you smell already? Which cupcakes do you think will satisfy you and be so delicious that they are worth the calories? Left or right…


charlys vs poy

A client of mine, James Odell, once exclaimed after eating a Philosophy of Yum German Apple Cupcake “It's got so much flavour, I only need to eat one to be satisfied!”

After tasting proper artisanal Chocolate by CocoaFair (they have a shop at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock), I've never bothered to buy Cadbury again, because Cadbury Milk Chocolate is just too darn sweet. Whenever you eat a dessert, think of what the aftertaste in your mouth is… Try this with store bought Milk Chocolate next time you eat it. The only aftertaste is sweetness. Lots of it. No flavour.

If there's a beautiful lasting aroma, you won't be as tempted to pop another one. That's my experience anyway. All these mainstream manufacturers HAVE to add extra sugar to their goods to extend their shelf-life because sugar preserves food. My Philosophy of Yum Cupcakes do not last longer than 3 days and I think that's a very good and normal thing!

Approach dessert with quality in mind. Eat things that are worth it… In the end you will spend less, eat less and be more satisfied. There are now delicious Cupcakes in Cape Town, finally!

Philosophy of Yum Home Bakery is here to provide you with that unparalleled flavour experience! 

If you live in Cape Town and would like to order from me, click here.

Choose flavour my friends!

Aurelia 🙂

Hi! I'm Aurelia 🙂

I'm a Self Taught Artisan
Home Baker empowering
unlock their FULL potential
Home Baking

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