Is cake pricing a constant challenge for you?

Do you often undercharge for your bakes?


In this 1 week FREE email Course you will learn how to price your

bakes perfectly and how to break free

from jumping through hoops for demanding clients. 

For a moment, imagine a world where you could…

Be LIBERATED to bake things you actually WANT to
and not what clients demand.

Feel CONFIDENT instead of awkward when you
price your bakes and charge clients.

Unlock you own authenticity & creativity and know
exactly how to apply them to reach your IDEAL client.

Actually have evenings and WEEKENDS FREE to REST
and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Yep, this is for real 🙂

Includes FREE Workbook & Pricing Calculator!

Here's What You Will Get in HBC:

1. Get all the tools you need to shake off pressure and expectations (from yourself and clients).

2. Discover your unique VALUE as a Baker. No longer be constantly “overworked, underpaid and unfulfilled” in your baking.

3. Discover your authentic self as a baker and creative and find your “baking voice”. This will enable you to know EXACTLY what you need to be baking to be successful instead of bending over backwards for demanding clients.

4. Be empowered to evaluate and restructure your baking business and goals so that you attract the RIGHT CLIENTS FOR YOUR BAKERY/BAKING BUSINESS. And YES, there’s a huge market that WANTS and NEEDS what the REAL YOU has to offer!

5. Get the confidence to charge decent, but fair prices for your bakes. Includes my FREE step by step pricing system.

6. Gain healthy perspective and courage to say “NO” to clients that take advantage of you (whether intentional or unintentional).

**BONUS** I will also teach you all the tricks I use to draw solid boundaries for clients and myself so that my work life is fulfilling, healthy and balanced (prevention & cure for overworking yourself).

“You are amazing!!! I am so loving your course!
Thank you for being so generous in making this available to us. 

I never thought of baking like this before because it was always about what customers want
– which is so draining of one's energy levels.
But really I am so grateful for your lessons as I seriously was in a rut and you are a lifeline. Bless you.”
– Marie-Anne Duarte

Why I've Created Home Baked Confidence

It’s so important for every home baker to go through this process of analysis and discovery! It's changed my whole life as a baker.

I'm extremely grateful for how much liberty it has brought,
but realize how much struggling could have been prevented if I went through this sooner.

If you don’t know who you are and what you like to bake,
then everyone else will tell you who you are “supposed” to be and what you are “supposed” to bake.

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