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Hello and Welcome to Philosophy of Yum!

You may have stumbled upon this blog through searching for tips on baking perfect cupcakes, or how to get a shiny crust on brownies or through images on pinterest. Which ever road brought you, I’m happy you are here 🙂 I’m Aurelia Lambrechts, the main writer/editor/baker behind Philosophy of Yum.

What is Philosophy of Yum About?

Everything I share is geared towards helping you grow evermore in an appreciation for FLAVOUR and QUALITY. Food with exceptional quality and flavour has the power to give you a near religious, emotional experience. Food rich in flavour and quality creates a more concrete memory than just ‘pretty’ food. I’m always hunting for experiences like this, that transport me (even if just for a moment) into that YUM HIGH!

Essentially, I want to turn you into a Cake Snob. I want to help you to put down the stale, overly sweet, cheap cupcake from the grocery store – forever. I have learned that only flavour and quality satisfy deeeeeeply.

I also want to turn you into a Bake Snob, that doesn’t just settle for any quick fix recipe. Rushed recipes, more often than not, take shortcuts which compromise the flavour and quality of the thing you are cooking/baking. I intend to help you develop an appreciation for METHOD.

METHOD is our dearest friend (even more than the ingredients) in recipes! My goal is to help you grow as a HOME BAKER. This is why I love sharing fascinating scientific discoveries I have made that dramatically enhance the quality and flavour of everything I bake.

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Posts are Divided into 3 Different Categories:

1. Baking Tips & Secrets:


I have been a full-time professional HOME baker for nearly 4 years now. Supplying restaurants, eateries and coffee shops with baked goods has given me ample opportunity to make recipes over and over and over again. From my own little home kitchen, I bake about 5000 brownies and 3000 cupcakes per year. On top of all this there are of course the cakes, muffins, tarts, cheesecakes, cookies etc. I BAKE A LOT AND I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

I’m always striving to get everything I bake as perfect as possible – in terms of flavour and over all quality. What I have learned has surprised me countless times – and I’m still learning! The smallest detail in method can make your cupcakes go up 5 points on the yum scale! These are the secrets I want to share with you to improve your baking at home and ultimately help you grow as a baker 🙂

2. Refined Recipes:

I adore developing new recipes! It seriously makes me tick… I love basking in the display of seasonal veggies and fruit and thinking “what can I make with this?”. As my situation permits it, I will gradually share more and more of my recipes with you. Believe me, I want to share them all so badly. For the moment however, many of these recipes are my bread and butter. While I’m still supplying restaurants with baked goods I cannot share all my recipes.

I’m not a strictly a vegan or gluten free baker, but I do share such recipes from time to time! My husband is highly gluten intolerant, so I’m constantly developing gluten free bakes to make his day.

3. Foodie Adventures:

Every now and then I make time to do a collaboration with another creative. Be it a Craft Beer Brewery, a Bread Baker, a Florist, a Musician, a Photographer or ALL of them at once! A wonderful example of this is our Folksy Garden Party we had last year. These collaborations are so fulfilling creatively. We all inspire each other as we work together. I trust they will inspire you too and get you excited about truly yummy food!

If you would like to do a collaboration with me, please pop me an email at [email protected].

I also plan to start sharing my food experiences here in Cape Town, South Africa, that really WOW me with yumminess.

So, that’s it! I hope you will join in with my Philosophy of Yum! If you want to return to the home page, simply click the “Philosophy of Yum” logo at the top of the page/post. It’s on every single page and post.

If you would like to know more about me as a person, click here.

Thanks for reading!

Aurelia 🙂

Hi! I’m Aurelia 🙂

I help HOME BAKERS to become FOODIE BAKERS & make profit from it! Recipes from my own Foodie Home Bakery, BEST baking tips & food adventures.

“I am just a huge fan of you, your baking, your writing and the way you run your blog and instagram account. I do not follow many blogs – usually unsubscribe after a while, but I am a Philosophy of Yum follower for life!”

Christine Frauenstein

“I really appreciate the passion you put in to your work. Your blog is probably my favourite. I have started a little home baking business and your advice have helped me a lot!”

Verónica Bolaños

“Thank you for sharing your wealth of information!!”

Carin van Rensburg

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