Lemon Poppy Seed Blondies

These Lemon Poppy Seed Blondies are fresh, chewy, zesty, zingy, buttery, juicy, hearty and creamy all in one bite – SUPER yum and satisfying! And of course, no fake lemon flavourings in sight.

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Pear Cupcakes with Caramel & Hazelnuts

These Pear Cupcakes are SO SCRUMMY! In one bite you get: crispy, chewy, fresh, smooth, depth and crunch. These Pear Cupcakes are just the quintessence of autumn to me and I absolutely adore them! And you know I don’t say anything like this very often!

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Ultimate Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

These are seriously the Ultimate Carrot Cupcakes. Deep, gutsy, EPIC flavour, but with a light, moist and tender crumb. Topped with the best cream cheese frosting ever and toasted pecan nuts. SO YUM!

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Smoky Chocolate & Bran Muffins

These Smoky Chocolate & Bran Muffins are super moist, soft and deeeeply flavourful! Buttermilk, molasses bran muffins with a dark chocolate & cream cheese custard-like center, a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache and a hint of smoked paprika. SO GOOD!!

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The Most DELICIOUS, Ultimate Vanilla Frosting

This recipe is my Home Bakery’s SIGNATURE, Ultimate Vanilla Frosting. It’s my GO-TO recipe I use every single day. I use this vanilla version or the chocolate frosting version on ALL my cakes & cupcakes. It goes with EVERY CAKE FLAVOUR known to man. And not only does it “go with it”, it elevates it to a whole new dimension of bliss!

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Chocolate Swirl Baked Cheesecake Recipe

Completely objectively speaking – this chocolate swirl cheesecake has changed my life. I am eternally grateful to have been transformed and humbled by its severe yumminess. “With every bite, you indulge yourself. The cheesecake is moist and very creamy and the chocolate crust fits perfectly to this cheesecake. The taste of the whole composition is incredibly delicious. It’s really hard to stop eating, you just want to have more of this heavenly treat.”

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Pear, Apple & Blueberry Muffins

These Pear, Apple & Blueberry muffins are so light, tender and moist! The crunchy cinnamon sugar crust on top pairs perfectly with the muffin’s soft crumb underneath. And the bursts of fresh, dark blue-purple blueberries throughout the muffins just makes you swoon!

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Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

The texture of these chocolate cupcakes is very moist, soft and creamy. And the flavour is SUPER chocolatey! The smooth chocolate ganache, slightly tangy chocolate frosting and pure dark chocolate shavings round off an indulgent texture and flavour experience. I didn’t think I would share one of my best recipes this soon, but here it is…

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Ultimate Bran Muffins

These muffins are SO MOIST AND FLUFFY! And boy do they taste incredible! Serve them warm with some preserves and cheese, or eat them just as they are. Either way, they are sensational! Even at room temperature. They make great lunchbox fillers as well.

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Red Velvet Brownies

Red Velvet Brownies are, to me, the BEST and yummiest Red Velvet interpretation. What makes Red Velvet Brownies so brilliant is that chewy, fudgy texture – not to mention the chocolatey, tangy, creamy flavour!

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Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Muffins

A moist, tender, warmly spiced pumpkin muffin with a slightly caramelized cream cheese center and a crown of pecan crumble on top – it is the PERFECT incentive to wake up in the morning!

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Gluten Free Cake Flour

This gluten free flour can be substituted gram for gram in ANY cake recipe! I also use it to make shortcrust pastry, rough puff pastry and even in homemade pasta! Pasta that can be rolled into sheets with a hand operated pasta machine – I kid you not!

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The Ultimate Milk Tart

Milk Tart is my favourite South African dessert EVER. It is a staple in every single South African grocery store, coffee shop, bakery, café etc. Golden, buttery shortcrust pastry with a super smooth and creamy milk custard filling and cinnamon – what is not to love?

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Shortcrust Pastry

This is my go-to recipe for shortcrust pastry. It’s super quick and in a few moments you have a crisp, golden, buttery piece of heaven!

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