The philosophy behind Philosophy of Yum

An interview with Aurelia Lambrechts, the Owner & Head Baker of Philosophy of Yum


Growing up, I was fanatic about delicious cooking and baking. While most kids watch cartoons, I watched the food channel.

After finishing high school, I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Architecture at the University of the Free State. Although I'm not practicing Architecture at the moment, my studies developed my eye for quality and detail in a way I believe no other course can.


It was in my first year of work as an Architectural Technologist that I discovered my heartfelt need to express my creativity by creating something with my hands. After a full day of work I would need to bake… desperately!

I didn't realize at the time how scarce DELICIOUS cupcakes are! All cakes that were available were lifeless and disappointing. Something had to be done… Cake can, and should, make you happy! If there's no happiness, it means the cake is lacking. I realized that my flavour and quality inspired bakes brought a new experience to people.

I quickly found myself dreading my work days and loving the evening baking… A few friends had some and then people started ordering. Before I knew it, word of mouth had sprouted a little baking business! I started baking full time in Cape Town in 2013 under the name Aureo's Confectionery which I changed to Philosophy of Yum in 2015. For 4 years now, I have been baking for clients, unique coffee shops and eateries in Cape Town.

I have been refining and re-refining my recipes and techniques and now I am keen to share some of this knowledge with the world through the Philosophy of Yum Blog. I hope to switch over to full-time blogging one day, but for the time being I'm perfectly content baking for clients and a few selected eateries.


I am absolutely committed to bakes being as utterly delicious as possible… All my decisions for ingredients and methods are based on optimum FLAVOUR. My recipes are not the “quick fix, 3 ingredients, done in 5 minutes” kind. The methods are extensive, but the results are totally worth it! Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

I do not believe in using fondant or buttercream. EVER. They are not nearly tasty enough. Everything involved in my baking is there for a reason – to be delicious! I strive for beautiful flavour and balance, not just a shot of sugar.


Everything I share is geared towards helping you grow evermore in an appreciation for FLAVOUR and QUALITY. Food with exceptional quality and flavour has the power to give you a near religious, emotional experience. Food rich in flavour and quality creates a more concrete memory than just ‘pretty’ food. I’m always hunting for experiences like this, that transport me (even if just for a moment) into that YUM HIGH!

Essentially, I want to turn you into a Cake Snob. I want to help you to put down the stale, overly sweet, cheap cupcake from the grocery store – forever. I have learned that only flavour and quality satisfy deeeeeeply.

I also want to turn you into a Bake Snob, that doesn’t just settle for any quick fix recipe. Rushed recipes, more often than not, take shortcuts which compromise the flavour and quality of the thing you are cooking/baking. I intend to help you develop an appreciation for METHOD. Method is our dearest friend (even more than the ingredients) in recipes!

My goal is to help you grow as a baker & cook, by journeying with you. This is why I love sharing fascinating scientific discoveries I have made that dramatically enhance the quality and flavour of everything I cook & bake.

I fully hope to connect with more like minded bakers! Doing some collaborations would be amazing! Making videos could also be a possibility?…

So, want to join me in my Philosophy of Yum?

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