Cake Pricing for Home Bakers

The most popular topic in Home Baking Businesses is PRICING. Hands down! It's also the one topic people repeatedly ask me to write about. Even though most posts on cake pricing totally answer all the practical questions, pricing home baked goods remains an issue.

Now either MONEY is the problem, or SOMETHING ELSE is… Don’t know about you, but us home bakers aren’t really your typical “gold diggers”, are we? Ha! No!

I am convinced that the reason why cake pricing remains an issue, is because we are confronted with adding a VALUE TAB to what we do… and also kind of who we are – what WE are worth.

But a lack of confidence is the REAL reason why we overwork ourselves, STRUGGLE WITH PRICING, end up bowing to every whim of demanding clients and get stuck baking things we don’t even enjoy making!

There’s this constant analysis going on in our minds “If only I had 1000 likes on my facebook page, THEN I would know that I’m good enough!” OR “If I could only make x amount of sales per month, THEN I would know that I have what it takes!”

And with Reality TV Shows about baking it’s the EXACT same story. All home bakers have these thoughts crossing their minds on a regular basis:

“If I win this competition, I will finally know that I’m good enough.” “If I win this competition, it will prove to my father that I’m talented enough to make a living from dessert making.”

Here’s the secret: “If you are not enough WITHOUT it, you will never be enough WITH it.”

The hard truth is that the “stamp of approval” you feel you need to classify you as a LEGIT Baker/Creative, won’t be enough to satisfy you.


So, if an outward achievement or qualification doesn’t make us “enough”, what does?

HOW do we become CONFIDENT Bakers that sincerely charge what our bakes are worth?

How do we get to a place where we have confidence in our value and what we bring to the table?

Wouldn’t it be LIBERATING to bake things you actually WANT to and not what clients demand?

Imagine feeling CONFIDENT instead of awkward when you price your bakes and charge clients?

Isn’t it a WONDERFUL thought that you can uncover your own hidden creativity and expression in your bakes and that there’s actually a HUGE market for what YOU bring to the table?

All of these desires above are 100% POSSIBLE.


It’s the journey I’ve been on these last 5 years in my own Home Bakery! And, my friend, that is what my free email course is ALL about.

In this FREE course you will learn how to become a Confident Baker once and for all so that you can price your bakes for profit and grow your baking business.


Home Baked Confidence Course Outline


    Here we will break down the biggest misconceptions and mental obstacles that keep you stuck in insecurity and prevent your real talents and confidence from flourishing.
    In this module we will get super practical with direct questions and exercises for you to discover your authenticity and greatest assets. After this we will begin figuring out how to bring this into your baking.
    Here’s where it gets really interesting and challenging! We are going to assess your Bakery and make CHANGES according to what you’ve discovered about yourself. At this point you will also get your FREE Pricing Calculator to automatically calculate what you need to charge for your bakes.
  4. BONUS:
    I’m going to share my best communication strategies with you so that I am able to respect myself and my clients. I will also teach you all the tricks I use to draw solid boundaries for clients and myself so that my work life is fulfilling, profitable and balanced.

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What you will gain from Home Baked Confidence:


  1. Get all the tools you need to shake off pressure and expectations (from yourself and clients).
  2. Discover your unique VALUE as Baker. No longer be constantly “overworked, underpaid and unfulfilled” in your baking.
  3. Discover your authentic self as a baker and creative and find your “baking voice”.
  4. Be empowered to evaluate and restructure your baking business and goals so that you attract the RIGHT CLIENTS FOR YOUR HOME BAKERY. And YES, there’s a huge market that WANTS and NEEDS what the REAL YOU has to offer!
  5. A Free Pricing Calculator to all the cake pricing calculations FOR you.

**BONUS** I will also teach you all the tricks I use to draw solid boundaries for clients and myself so that my work life is fulfilling, healthy and balanced.


It’s so important for every baker to go through this process of analysis and discovery!

If you don’t know who you are and what you love to bake, then everyone else will tell you who you are “supposed” to be and what you are “supposed” to bake.

If you aren't confident in your cake pricing, you will keep finding yourself in positions where clients try to manipulate you into giving them discounts.

Are you ready to learn how to price your bakes with confidence?

Let’s get started!

I'll see you on the other side 😉


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