How to Find Your Own Baking Style

How to Find Your Own Baking Style

How to Find Your Own Baking Style

A few weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram stories and 99% of you said you’d LOVE to know how to find/discover/develop your own, unique baking style!

🌟 This is incredibly exciting because it means that deep down inside of you, you know there’s MORE to you than just copying other bakers’ cakes.

You know you’ve got creativity hiding inside of you and you’re longing to unleash it!

And if you’re here reading this post you’ve probably had ENOUGH of replicating Pinterest cakes that your clients email you, right?

It’s the best feeling when people can see a picture of a cake you made and KNOW instantly that it’s YOUR work.


But now the only question that remains is HOW do you find your own baking style?

I sincerely wish I could tell you to just clap your hands 3 times, twirl around twice and then your style will come to you… Sadly, it’s not that quick or simple!

👉 If you REALLY want to find your baking style, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper here into yourself. You’ll need to access parts of yourself you’ve been steered away from your whole life.

But it’s TOTALLY worth it!

Here are my 5 Secrets for Finding your Baking Style…


1. Stop Policing Your Creativity

When’s the last time you saw young kids paint?

Do you ever see them run out of ideas?

I recently babysat our friends’ kids; a boy and a girl aged 3 and 4. Adorable munchkins, but after 2 hours of trampoline jumping I was EXHAUSTED!! Yet they still wanted to keep going!

It’s hard to remember a time that I EVER had that much energy…

I was desperate for a more relaxing activity; one where I got to SIT down for a few hours!

And then it came to me – let’s draw!! That’ll be fun!

But when we sat down to start drawing I had zero ideas.

By the time I’d sifted through my “bad, horrible and stupid ideas”, the kids had already drawn 4 or 5 pictures each!! And they were having a BLAST! Not for a second did they consider to care whether they were “doing it right” or not. They never stopped and freaked out because they made a mistake.

To them, there were no mistakes.

They haven’t learned that lingo yet. They were bottomless pits of creativity and originality.

I know I was like that once upon a time and I’m SURE you were too! We were ALL born with a bottomless supply of creativity and originality. If we’re not sure, we’ll take a chance!


Sir Ken Robinson is the speaker at one of my Top 5 Favourite TED Talks EVER. He’s an advocate for change in the global education system – AND he happens to be quite hilarious too!

His ground-breaking Ted Talk that I was referring to is entitled: “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”. Here’s one of my favourite snippets in that Presentation…

So clearly, as we get older, school teaches us that things get done a certain way. Anything beyond that is a mistake and “mistakes are unacceptable and even punishable”.

And so we eventually BELIEVE with our entire being that we must avoid mistakes at any cost…


I once saw this quote by James Wedmore that just changed my entire understanding of mistakes and failure:

“There is no such thing as failure. Either you succeed OR you learn what you needed to learn.”

I feel that one of the huge lies we believe today is that success is an EVENT.

🌟 While the truth is that mistakes are 100% PART OF success.

Thomas Edison said “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps. Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.”


The very notion that ANY type of learning or growth needs to happen without mistakes is ridiculous and FALSE.

Mistakes form a VITAL PART of your creative process! You NEED to go through them to get to the good stuff.

So stop avoiding mistakes & failure!

We’re not in school anymore. Go for it! Try things, make mistakes and improve. It’s ESSENTIAL for your growth and the process of discovering and cultivating your baking style.

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2. 100% Embrace Who YOU Really Are

WHEN exactly do we suddenly start becoming self-aware and comparing ourselves to others?

When do the lies about our unique creativity start creeping in and make us sensor and compromise our TRUE style?

It should come as no surprise that SCHOOL is where all this drama starts.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m a HUGE fan of learning and growing!! The problem with school though is that the learning is overshadowed by ACHIEVING and being better than everyone else.

And if your art isn’t the “best” or at least “better than” Sally, Michael and Joe’s – then you suck. We’ve been conditioned to believe that if our creativity isn’t being praised by certain people, our uniqueness is embarrassing and not “good enough”.


THAT’S where we start to SUPPRESS or ALTER our true self.

We push down any parts of our creativity that isn’t what people are looking for.

And the rest of our creativity we BEND to suit people’s requirements.

And if you do this long enough, you’ll entirely forget how to express YOUR creativity.

It’s not because of learning and receiving an education. It’s just the fruit of being educated within a system that’s BASED on comparison, achievements and approval.

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And at such impressionable ages we become addicted to achievements, comparison and approval from superiors!

Why do you think we all want our cakes to be “perfect”? Because we were taught that mistakes are bad and embarrassing.

Why do you think we want 1000 Facebook & Instagram followers? Because school made us addicted to approval from others.

So finding your baking style is not so much about learning NEW strategies or steps as it is about UNLEARNING everything false that we learned about ourselves as kids.

Through our years at school, our minds come to fully BELIEVE that our purest creativity is unwanted, unnecessary and often even embarrassing.


Hans Zimmer is one of the best examples here…

He’s a LEGENDARY score composer, meaning he composes music for movies.

He’s created music for hundreds of films and is arguably the BEST score composer of this age! Think of him as the Mozart of today.

Some of his film scores include; The Lion King, Gladiator, Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, Inception, The Prince of Egypt – just to name a few!

(I cry every single time I hear the score music from The Prince of Egypt! Give it a listen. It’s incredibly moving and beautiful.)

What most people don’t know is that Hans was kicked out of Piano class after just 2 weeks. He was an impossible child that got kicked out of 8 schools as well!

“I grew up modifying the piano, shall we say, which made my mother gasp in horror.”

Lucky for Hans he WAS incredibly stubborn and difficult! Because that helped him to stick to his process and not compromise his creativity!

A unique baking style makes your Home Bakery Business STAND OUT in the crowd! And believe it or not, YOU also have your own style hiding inside of you. With a few simple steps you can unleash your creativity and find your own baking style. Click through to learn how! #baking #homebaking #cakes #homebakery #bakingbusiness

But bakers like you and me on the other hand have soft hearts, am I right?

We LOVE making people happy! And if it means we need to compromise our true self and true creativity, so be it.

Now we are adults though and NO ONE’S happiness is your responsibility anymore.

You don’t need to please your parents or teachers or peers anymore.

And you definitely don’t need their stamp of approval anymore either! (In fact, you never actually did…)

Just look at Hans’s creativity, style and success! And he NEVER had his teachers or parents’ approval. He TRUSTED in the talents, perspectives and creativity God gave him. He never restricted it to please anyone.

So you’ll need to make an intentional CHOICE to encourage your mind that it’s TOTALLY SAFE, GOOD and NECESSARY to unleash its creativity.

The ONLY way for your creativity to come out of hiding is to TOTALLY accept yourself and PRACTICE your creativity.

Regularly give yourself permission to go wild!

Whether it’s with drawing, dancing, painting – ANYTHING creative. Not just baking. When you learn to let loose in these areas you’ll start to get new ideas for your baking too.


And this is not a once-off thing!

You need to KEEP ON accepting and EMBRACING all that you are for your creativity to reveal itself – layer by layer.

Your style is exactly that; YOUR style. YOU are the center of it. So, the better you know, discover and embrace who you’ve been made to be, the clearer your style will become.


An Important Side Note:

👉 Honestly, it’s entirely possible and probable that your creativity/style won’t IMPRESS you!

You may think it’s a bit boring compared to other bakers’ work. Or that it needs to be FANCIER!

On top of that there will be thousands of people out there who won’t be impressed by your style either.

That’s GOOD.

You know you’re onto something if some people love it and others don’t.


And truth be told, my baking style really doesn’t impress me. To me it feels quite “basic”. Sometimes I wish I enjoyed making more elaborate, decorative cakes that get shared on Wilton’s Instagram feed!

But here’s what’s important; my style may not impress me, BUT it feels 100% COMFORTABLE and RIGHT.

All my most loyal clients love my style and to THEM it’s impressive 🙂 And there will be a heap of clients who feel the same way about YOUR style my friend!


3. Spark & Chase Your Curiosity

I recently heard a fantastic tip for overcoming writers block. Cool thing is that this tip actually works for pretty much ANY creative who feels stuck in their creative process!

Here’s what you do… Just ask yourself the question “what if?”

What if a wolf jumped out behind the tree?

What if the rudder of the ship broke?

Or what if the Villain is actually the hero’s father?


The phrase “what if” sparks our curiosity and opens up worlds of possibilities we haven’t considered before!

When I think about it, most of my baking philosophies, recipes and style come from asking myself this very question – even though I might have been unaware of it at the time.

Super sweet Fondant cakes with dry cake layers were EVERYWHERE when I started out.

I HATED their flavour (or lack thereof!)…

But WHAT IF cake could actually taste freakin delicious? Moist, soft and yummy in its own right – without drenching the cake layers in sugar syrup.

WHAT IF I could develop a different frosting that wasn’t just a paste of fat and sugar, but actually had FLAVOUR?

WHAT IF I garnished my cupcakes like the flower crown I wore this past weekend?

Or what if I just used recognizable, delicious ingredients to garnish my cakes?


The question “what if” helps us to get out of our current, plain point of view and see things from an entirely new perspective 🙂

Creating curiosity for yourself is like an invitation to take a boat ride around the island you’re living on.

And once that curiosity boat pulls up, get in it! Embrace it, chase it and see how far it will take you.

This exercise may be a bit outside your comfort zone, but that’s where the magic happens! And I promise, after you’ve done it 3 times you’ll LOVE it! It makes you feel ALIVE again.

Imagine how your Home Baking Business will STAND OUT if you have your own, unique baking style... Deep down inside of you, you know there’s MORE to you than just copying other bakers’ cakes. You know you’ve got creativity hiding inside of you and you’re longing to unleash it! Click through to learn how to find your own baking style... #baking #homebaking #homebakery #bakingbusiness #cake


4. Time and Persistence Bring Growth

It’s so easy for us to look at creative, successful bakers and assume that they had their awesome style right from the start.

But what we don’t see is that it took hundreds and often even thousands of attempts to get to their style.

It’ll take time, repetition and persistence to uncover all the layers of protection you’ve built around your creativity.

We all tend to focus on Thomas Edison’s most amazing invention – the light bulb. But did you have any clue that he actually created 1093 patents of which less than 5 were triumphs??

Everyone adores Mozart’s famous compositions and yes he was a prodigy, but EVEN HE had to create 600 pieces of which only 6 are included in the 50 Greatest Compositions of All Time!

“If you want to be original, the most important possible thing you could do is to do a huge volume of work.”Ira Glass


It takes patience, repetition and persistence to strike gold because our first ideas are usually the most conventional ones.

But the more we produce, the higher our chance of originality becomes!

In my case it took about 2 years of baking the same 8 layer cakes over and over and over again to START developing my own style.

What’s now known as my “iconic swirl” to my Instagram followers only came about after 4 years of baking full-time!


5. Don’t Let Your Style Search Hold You Back

Now you may be thinking: “4 Years?! I can’t wait that long to become a successful baker!”

But your style is NOT essential to the success of your Home Bakery Business my friend.

So many bakers get stuck on having everything perfectly in place before they dare to sell any of their bakes. Don’t do that to yourself!

As I’ve said, I baked FULL-TIME from Home for 4 years (making a full salary) before my style really came to life. All that time I was baking thousands of treats every month and earning good money for them.

Way before I had a “style” a client told me: “Your bakes have brightened up so many horrible days at work.” That matters. Delicious baked goods matter to people and that’s why we bake, right?

Your style won’t be the magic ingredient that suddenly brings you success or meaning. It will only ADD to your success.


The ONLY way to be successful is to TAKE ACTION.

You’ve got SO MUCH to give and your town/city NEEDS your delicious baking!

So I invite you to take action right now and download your Free Home Bakery Business Plan Workbook below 🙂

Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment) 🙂

Why Your Home Bakery Needs a Website

Why Your Home Bakery Needs a Website

Why Your Home Bakery Needs a Website

WEBSITES. Yes, I’ve dropped the “W” bomb! But trust me, it’s only because I’m thinking of YOU and your success 🙂

We HAVE to talk about your Home Bakery’s website my friend. And if a website is still a figment of your imagination at this point, there’s no shame! Today’s post will be exactly what you need.

My friend Kirsty Montgomery, from Bake This Happen, knows a lot about Home Bakery Website building and logo design. In fact, she offers these services to bakers if you want to check it out.

Kirsty has written this useful guest post for you all about Home Bakery Websites.



Why Your Home Bakery Business Needs a Website

(and why not to be afraid of it!)

Pretty much all businesses need a website. It’s just a fact of the world we live in today.

Whenever someone is looking for something, they will Google the answer. Whenever someone comes across a new business, they will Google it for more information. If someone is looking for a baker in your area, you want someone to find you first when they Google it.

The single best way to be found through an internet search is to have a website.  


Sure, Facebook pages and other social media accounts may appear in search engines, but they are far less reliable and much more difficult to control. Having your own website puts you in control of the information you’re sharing about your home bakery business and how it will be found.

You may still be a bit resistant; I totally understand that!

If it’s something you’ve never done before you’re always going to be cautious, especially if you don’t think you are very internet or tech savvy.  

However, I’m betting you’ve never set up a baking business before and look at you now! 

A website doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive.

As with everything, there are options for whatever stage you and your business are at, and the benefits of having a website will outweigh any initial worries you may have.  


Even a simple website can bring so much to your business. You will find it starts to act as a second employee saving you time and bringing in more orders without effort from you.

So, let’s look at the benefits in more detail…


The Pros of Having a Home Bakery Website:

  • You can be found in a Google search = more customers
  • Look professional = impress potential customers turning them into future orders
  • Cohesive branding across your business = sets you apart from competition
  • Showcase your best work = showcase the types of cakes/bakes you want to work on to attract those types of orders
  • Can funnel all order enquiries through your site to keep things organised = save yourself time by keeping all your orders coming into your email via one contact form on your website
  • Attract ideal customers = your branding, images and language on your site can be targeted to the specific types of customers you want to attract
  • Answer FAQ’s simply and easily = save yourself time answering the same questions over and over again by directing customers to your frequently asked questions page on your site


Even if you can see the benefits of a website there can still be some niggling doubts or issues that are stopping you from taking the plunge.

Building a website for your Home Bakery isn't complex or expensive! In this post you'll learn why a website is SO important for your baking business's success and which options are the most practical, cost effective and beneficial! #homebakery #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness


“I Don’t Have the Time to Build a Website.”

I totally get that. When you are constantly in the kitchen baking it’s difficult to find the time to even think about a website, let alone spend time on it.  

There is no denying that there is a bit of time required at the start of your website journey – whether you plan to DIY it or employ a designer to put it together for you.  

However, the good news is that once you’ve spent this time at the beginning, maintaining your website will be far less time heavy and weekly updates to your gallery or blog should be all that’s required.

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“It’s Too Expensive to Create a Website.”

This cost involved with a website can vary vastly depending upon whether or not you will do it yourself or hire a web designer.  

If you do it yourself the costs will be low, but you will be spending your valuable time on it – so you must consider if the lost hours of baking are more important to you.  

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Using a designer can be a bit of an outlay, but it is just a once-off cost. They will save you lots of time and hopefully set you up with a perfect website for your business.

Free web-builders are available, but these usually do not allow you to use your own web address (URL) such as, so it’s best to avoid these if you can. 

WordPress and Squarespace websites will usually cost you less than £10 per month and buying your own URL is often around £5-10 for a full year.


“Isn’t a Facebook Page Good Enough?”

Facebook is hugely popular, but the first thing people do when they want to find out more about… well, anything, is to ‘Google it’.  

As I’ve mentioned above, your dedicated business website is more likely to show up on a Google results page than your Facebook business page is – all because of some complicated search engine optimisation.  

Another thing to consider is, although it looks as though Facebook is here to stay for a while longer, what happens when it’s no longer about, or no longer popular? 

With a website you will always have a space to showcase your work, share prices and allow customers to contact you. It can also reflect your brand and show off exactly what you are about and what potential customers expect when they work with you.


“I Don’t Know How to Build a Website.”

You’re a baker not a web designer, so unless you happen to be wonderfully multi-talented, I don’t imagine you’re too confident in building your very own website from the ground up.  

If you’ve decided that you’re not able to invest in a web designer then fear not, there are excellent DIY options out there.

Using a web builder can be a great, budget saving solution for new businesses and many of the builders come with professional looking templates. It’s also possible to purchase excellent themes to be used with WordPress to give you a powerful blogging website with a more bespoke design.  

Each situation is different.

In my experience websites that include an active blog will work best with WordPress and Squarespace. Sites that are looking to sell physical or digital products are easiest to produce on Squarespace.

Other builders such as Wix and Weebly also integrate sales pages and plug-ins can be used on WordPress to seamlessly integrate a shop, they just take a little more techy know how.

I recommend doing a little research on the topic, most builders will offer a free trial so you can get a feel for it before you make a financial commitment.


I hope this gives you some inspiration for getting your awesome Home Bakery Business online and dispels some of the fears you may have about the process!

To learn more about using a designer vs doing it yourself feel free to check out this post.

Wishing you the best in your baking journey!



Here’s more from Kirsty about websites for your baking business:

Free Introduction to Squarespace for Bakers Course

Shop the Premade Baking Business Website


Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us Kirsty! If you have any questions for her, go ahead and share it in the comments below 🙂

Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment) 🙂

How Starting a Home Bakery has Changed My Life

How Starting a Home Bakery has Changed My Life

How Starting a Home Bakery Has Changed My Life

Hey there Home Baker!

I usually share posts about Baking Tips, Home Bakery Business Tips or Refined Recipes. But today I want to break from my usual format and share a side of my story with you that I rarely ever talk about…

I want to give you a closer look inside my life as a full time home baker and more importantly I want to share with you how my Home Bakery has CHANGED my life.

Because my Home Bakery Business HAS changed my life – in ways I NEVER thought possible.


There’s so much to say, but I think the best way to go about it is to share the top 11 ways my Home Bakery has changed my life.

So get your cup of coffee, laughing abs and tissues ready!


1. My Home Bakery has Given me the Opportunity to Work at Home

Pencil skirts, heels and hair do’s have never been my thing at all. The whole corporate scene in fact just wasn’t a good fit for me… I used to feel “weak and pathetic” for not coping in that stressful environment, but thankfully I see it differently now!

The corporate system is what it is – but I have been made to be ME. It’s like a square peg in a round hole. They just don’t fit and that’s okay 🙂 It doesn’t make either of them “better” or “weaker” but just DIFFERENT.

Some people (like my husband *cough-cough!*) love going on road trips, all kinds of adventures and outings to just “get out”, but honestly I just don’t get that! Lol!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE being at home!! Always have. Even as a kid I always wanted to stay at home. Sure, I was very insecure, but that’s not why I loved being at home. I love home now for the same reason I did back then.

Home is cozy, friendly, accepting and fun.

I can wear WHATEVER I want! A bad hair day has ZERO relevance. I can have dance parties while I’m baking and sing along to the endless string of musicals I watch on max volume. And NO, after 6 years I’m still not over it!

Along with this comes all the other perks of working at home like never sitting in traffic – like ever! Going for walks outside when I want. Having pets and a garden around (corporate doesn’t offer that benefit). Having peace and quiet. Knowing my bed is only 10 feet away at all times.

These are the kind of things that really boost life’s AWESOME factor for me!


2. I Can Decide How & When I Spend My Time

Want to know something REALLY cool? I pretty much never wake up with an alarm clock. Baking is a very physical profession, so I decided to grant my body all the rest it needs to recover from the day’s work.

I sleep till about 07h30, spend time with the Lord, eat breakfast on our couch in the sunshine, shower and only start working at about 09h30.

I realize that things are a bit more complex when you have kids. But I fully believe and have seen that God grants parents the physical strength they need to get through a day when they haven’t had enough sleep.

But the bottom line is that when you have a Home Bakery, you can decide what’s more important to you and structure your work day according to that.

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When I have our car I can go shopping when the grocery stores are totally empty. Yes I totally do dance moves when a good song is playing!

How starting a home bakery has changed my life

If I have something urgent happening on any given day, I can just clear my schedule – simple as that.

When a friend or family member needs me, I can plan my work day around that.

I can work and stop working when I choose to.

I don’t take this for granted. It’s such a huge blessing to live this way and I wouldn’t ever want to change it!


3. Baking has Helped Me to Understand My Value

This is a more intense one. Have that tissue box close by my friend!

So, my life has not been easy – I mean, whose really has?

But here’s the true story.

I had a tumour (Astrocytoma) in my spinal cord and brain as a baby. It started developing when I was about 2 weeks old, but they only discovered it when I was 1 year old.

MRI scan technology wasn’t available yet in my parents’ small town. I kept on screaming my head off every day and my mom knew something was very wrong with me, but nothing showed up on the X-rays. The MRI when I was 1 year old revealed everything that was going on…

The doctors said that if they operate I’d be paralyzed, but if they don’t operate I’ll die because the tumour was growing rapidly and was already at the breathing centre of my brain.

Everyone my parents knew started praying. The church started a 24 hour prayer chain. My dad came into my room every day and rebuked the growth in the name of Jesus Christ and spoke life and healing into my body in the name of Jesus Christ.

The doctors could finally operate when I was 15 months old because until then I was just too small to operate on.

After a gruelling 8 hour operation, the Neuro Surgeon reported that they could only remove about half of the tumour and by some miracle I wasn’t paralyzed yet.

They recommended radiation, but my parents just didn’t have peace about putting such a small baby through that.

Everyone kept on praying.

My mom said that after the operation I was finally calm and she could see that having so much of the tumour removed definitely increased my comfort.

I made it past the one month mark, then 2 months, 3 months…

At the age of 2 (on my birthday) I started walking for the very first time, down the aisle at church while everyone celebrated and cheered at the Lord’s faithfulness…

I went back for check-ups with the Neuro Surgeon, but somehow the remaining half of the tumour had vanished completely. The Doctor wrote “MIRACLE” on my file.

If you look up case studies on Astrocytomas, the mortality rates are practically 100%. Because they usually grow back. After going for check-ups for nine years, the Doctor told us with a chuckle that he thinks we can stop coming!

So yes, that’s what Jesus Christ has done. He is alive. He is beyond powerful. He is 100% REAL and He loves us like no one has ever loved.


Where it gets tricky is that a lot of permanent nerve damage was done to the entire right side of my body. My whole right side is smaller and weaker. My shoes differ 2 sizes, I have scoliosis, limited function on the entire right side of my body and had a skew right leg (which doctors operated on when I was 12).

Unfortunately kids aren’t very tactful – especially when you look different.

So I was excluded, rejected, bullied, tripped, and ridiculed in public throughout my school years…

This made me believe that I am worthless, faulty, not good enough, unworthy, embarrassing to people and that I have no real value to offer anyone.


But baking was a haven. It’s something that I can do WELL. And somehow, cakes I made with my own two hands made people HAPPY… What a gift to bring HAPPINESS to someone’s life?!

It took a while, but seeing that I bring joy, comfort and inspiration to people’s lives through baking made me SEE that I have so much to share with the world and that I am incredibly valuable…

All that stuff that happened with those other kids was a total lie.


4. My Business has Helped to Heal My Confidence

A very interesting thing happens whenever you start any business; whatever is going on inside you WILL come out.

Over my last 6 years of full-time baking it’s become crystal clear that our baking talents or resources are not the key factors that determine our business’s success at all!


We keep thinking the reasons our Home Bakery is struggling are our recipes, abilities and lack of resources, but they are not to blame.

It’s not really everything outside you that’s holding your business back, but everything that’s going on INSIDE YOU.

Michael Gerber wrote this incredible book from his own experiences of working with struggling small businesses (The E-Myth Revisited). At one point he says:

“Your business is nothing more than a distinct reflection of who you are. So if your business is to change – as it must to continually thrive – you must change first. If you are unwilling to change, your business will never be able to give you what you want.”

The moment you decided to start a Home Bakery was the moment you agreed to a never-ending journey of personal growth and transformation.

There’s no escaping it and trust me, you’ll learn to love it!

YOU are the center of your business. Not your baking, but YOU as a person.

YOUR inner constitution directly shapes your business every single day. Your thoughts influence your feelings, your feelings influence your actions and your actions determine your results.

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A Home Bakery DOES change your life - in ways I NEVER imagined possible. It's given me the opportunity to work from home, leave behind my anxiety meds, heal my confidence and SO MUCH MORE. Click through to discover how starting a Home Bakery Business can change your life. #homebakery #cakebusiness #bakingbusiness

So when my business was struggling at first, it FORCED me to start opening up my issues. I had to! There was no way around it! So I gradually started releasing and repenting (because I’m a Christian) from my false beliefs that I embraced as “truth” for most of my life.

Actual TRUTH started replacing those lies and guess what? A confident, secure Aurelia started emerging on the other side 😀 How extraordinary, right?!

The Lord works in mysterious ways!


5. My Home Bakery has Helped Me to Mature

Now because of my difficult childhood, I subconsciously expected (even demanded) that the rest of my life should be smooth sailing.

Out of the thousands of kids in all the schools in my hometown, I was the only one that had to put up with such physical and emotional struggles.

I remember always feeling like I’m not disabled enough to get all the benefits and I’m also not normal enough to be accepted.

It was TOTALLY unfair.

And after my sister died… Man… That was just ridiculous.

The world owed me – BIG time. I was the victim and at a massive disadvantage.

I blamed God and the world for EVERYTHING. And when my business wasn’t doing well it was also obviously God’s fault.

It also seemed like everyone around me that had rich parents that pulled out their credit card whenever their kids want to start a business, or travel places or study anything.

Why can’t my life just be “easy” like everyone else’s? Why doesn’t God send me more clients? Why does everything have to be this constant struggle? I work super hard; can’t God just let it go WELL for me just once?

Oh boy I was so deeply snuggled in my twisted victim blanket…


Through the Lord’s mercy He never answered those questions directly. He patiently and faithfully SHOWED me, over time, what was really going on.

I blamed God for not sending me more clients and not “blessing” my business, when in fact He was not to blame.

Truth is, it was MY FAULT.

I’d been ignorant and didn’t educate myself in business, marketing and sales. A successful business doesn’t fall out of the sky for ANYONE.

Starting my business was one thing, but GROWING it forced me to start taking RESPONSIBILITY for my situation.

We all are dealt a hand of cards.

Are we going to spend our entire lives grumbling about our hand OR are we going to say: “Hmm, interesting. Let me humble myself and ask God what I should do next. Let’s be teachable and read a book on cards and interview and learn from some experts to see what a good move will be.”

I’ve had to GROW UP and MATURE in order for my business (and relationships) to grow and mature.

And for this I’m DEEPLY GRATEFUL. Maturing has meant throwing away and repenting from my victim blanket.

And you know what – I don’t miss that blanket AT ALL. In reality it just WEIGHED ME DOWN my whole life.

Maturing has brought freedom and joy.


6. My Home Bakery Eliminated the Need for Anxiety Meds

Back in 2012 I worked as an Architectural technologist for about 7 months and it was one of the most challenging times of my life. The work itself was totally fine, but the office environment was absolutely horrid.

You see, the Architecture industry is intense in its very nature. It’s kind of a given when millions are at stake. But this pressure unfortunately brings out the worst in people and my boss was no exception.

She was in a difficult position with starting her own company and securing great projects to sustain her new business.

The pressure she carried on her shoulders hung like a thick cloud in the office on a daily basis. Whenever something didn’t work out the way she wanted, she shouted; at herself, the printer, the phone – whatever wasn’t cooperating.

Fortunately she never shouted at ME, but every day I was petrified that she would. This is what caused my anxiety to rage out of control, keeping me lying awake every night, completely unable to sleep – for up to 3 nights in a row. And so I had to go on medication to help me cope.

I remember it so vividly; crying while swallowing my anti-depressants, thinking… I’m only 24. Is this going to be my whole future?? I used to be happy and enjoy life. How did I get here?”

I was completely stuck. And I didn’t feel like I could go on like this for another 40 years. I was only at the 6 month mark now!

Looking back I realize it was my boss’s first experience having an employee so she didn’t necessarily know how to interact with me or how to be a good boss.

She was incredibly hard on herself and that completely dominated the office environment every day.

My negative first job experience as an Architectural technologist is not necessarily the rule for every architecture firm, but come on, it’s not exactly a low-stress job or industry. PLUS, I’m a softie! And that’s not “weak” or “bad”, but just different.


I basically had to choose:

High pressure job with secure income and meds, or low pressure job with more risk and without meds.

I chose the latter.

And it’s BAFFLING to me how the first option has become “normal”?

I decided to take the road less traveled – with less prestige and less security, BUT also with less (in fact NO) meds.

I had baked after hours to keep me sane while I was working in Architecture and like you, perhaps, I dreamed of baking at home…

Baking at my own pace, surrounded with beautiful aromas and the calm of home.

But I had NO training or any idea how to start a business or if anyone would even PAY for my goods!
But I gave it my all, educated myself through books and constant practice and my Home Bakery steadily grew into a full time Home Bakery Business (YES, I’m still baking).

And also a Home Bakery Blog so that I can support you in your Home Bakery goals!

I’m BEYOND GRATEFUL that I took this road.

And in the process I learned that WE HAVE THE CHOICE to remove ourselves from abusive situations… Be it work or relationships. We always have a choice – if we are open to it.


Discover all the incredible effects a Home Bakery has on your life - and some are totally unexpected! It's helped me to leave behind my anxiety meds, heal my confidence and SO MUCH MORE. Click through to discover how starting a Home Bakery Business can change your life. #homebakery #cakebusiness #bakingbusiness


7. My Business has Connected me With Others in Unexpected Ways

Wow. This is a big one…

Most of my life I’ve felt misunderstood – it happens to so many creatives.

I didn’t (and couldn’t) follow the traditional path of studying and working my way up in a prestigious job.

So many family members and friends were really awkward about me baking from home. They thought I was “capable of so much more”.

My husband, late sister and cousins were always SUPER SUPPORTIVE!! And they mean the world to me.

And although they were always supportive and eager to help at Markets, Events, etc. – I wasn’t able to share my PASSION for home baking with anyone.

That is, until I finally started an Instagram account…

I never realized HOW MANY dear, amazing home bakers there are right around the world!

Connecting with all of you on Instagram has literally changed my life and I’m so grateful to now have friends who’s hearts are also made of butter.

And honestly – I never feel lonely or misunderstood anymore. And it’s all thanks to all my baking friends on Instagram! Love you guys!


8. Baking Lets Me Express My Creativity

Back when I was working as an Architectural Technologist, the only day I got excited was Thursdays because Thursdays it was “Cupcake Night”! I baked after work, late into the night and LOVED every second of it!!

MANY of my University friends that have remained in Architecture often express how the REALITY of working as an Architect is so much different than the IDEA we were presented with while we were studying.

In our studies we could go crazy with our creativity! But in the REAL world, it isn’t like that at all. Your creativity hardly ever gets expressed – especially when you’re starting out.

What’s also been awesome in this journey is that you get to be creative in MANY different areas, not just in your baking. This includes graphic design, website design and food photography!

All of them are so fun and definitely satisfy my need to be creative in my work.

I’m just SO THANKFUL that I have been in a work setup where I get to be as creative as I want to be. My Home Bakery Business is a platform for my creativity – what a blessing and JOY!

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9. My Work Environment Smells INSANELY Amazing

There are so many creative careers out there, BUT there are very few that smell like Butter, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Berries, Caramel… Wow, let me stop and wipe the drool off my keyboard!

Geez we are SO LUCKY to do work that smells so incredible!! Smells are therapeutic man. Working in such an environment every day does something to your happiness.

I’m quite convinced that my bones smell like cinnamon rolls by now. And that’s why I have little dance parties while I bake J


10. My Skills & Experience have Grown Like CRAZY!

I was under the impression that I would just BAKE in my Baking Business and therefore only grow my BAKING skills. Wow – I was so naïve!

You see, what most bakers don’t realize about Starting a Home Bakery is that they are willingly stepping into the BUSINESS WORLD. We’re not just bakers anymore! When we don’t learn how to become GREAT businesswomen/men, we stunt the growth of our Home Bakeries.

So I have learned WAAAAYYYYYY MORE skills than I bargained for (once I stopped being stubborn and whiny and finally became TEACHABLE) – and I’m so grateful!!

I’ve learned all the following skills since I started my Home Bakery:



Food Photography

Social Media Strategy

Brand Strategy

Website Design


Graphic Design


Business Mindsets

People Skills

And of course my Basking Skills have also grown massively!

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When we don’t have money to employ pro’s to do all these things FOR us in our business, we inevitably need to LEARN how to do it ourselves! And I honestly see that as an INCREDIBLE opportunity!

Other businesses (outside the world of baking) started approaching me a while back to help with their Brand Strategy, Website Design and Marketing – SO RAD!

So yes, starting ANY Business is an opportunity to dive in and become excellent at a whole range of new and INCREDIBLY VALUABLE skills. I got way more than I bargained for and my skillset has grown way beyond anything I ever imagined was possible.


11. Starting My Business has Helped Me to Discover Who I REALLY am

I guess this one ties in a lot with point number 4 (My Baking Business has helped to heal my confidence).

When you start any business, whatever is going on inside you WILL come out.

So just as much as it is an uncomfortable process of growth, it’s also incredible to see all the AMAZING things that were was hiding inside you – often your entire life!

I’ve discovered that I can be confident in my baking abilities for what they really ARE – a talent from God that truly makes a difference in people’s lives and brings them joy.

In the process of embracing this talent, my desires to please people (instead of expressing my creativity) started to fall off me.

Slowly, but surely my own style started to emerge. Who knew I had a style?!? I still find it hilarious, but also awesome!


I discovered that I do actually have a voice… And that’s it’s a valuable and interesting voice. Yours is too. I’m 100% convinced of it.

Through being exposed to (and learning) so many different skills in growing my Baking Business, I’ve discovered many other hidden talents I never knew I had! And they are also part of me.

We all have so many hidden talents – many of which might never see the light of day – but starting a business has done the inevitable…

It has crushed me (in a GREAT way) and refined me so that everything that was false and oppressive could fall off me.

This gradually uncovered the TRUE Aurelia and I just feel so free, humbled, grateful and excited!

Starting a Home Bakery has Changed My Life.


If I had to do it all over again, I would.

Lamentations 3:23 -24: “Because of the LORD’s loving devotion we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness!”


And that concludes my story 🙂 Feels good to have finally written it down!

If you have any fears or doubts about Starting a Home Bakery Business, I’d love to help. Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment) 🙂

5 Secrets for Creating a GREAT Home Bakery Business Name

5 Secrets for Creating a GREAT Home Bakery Business Name

5 Secrets for Creating a GREAT Home Bakery Business Name

One of the first things you’ll need to do when you start your own Home Bakery is to choose a Business Name!

This process can be huge fun or a total headache. Your experience will depend entirely upon your attitude to be honest. So I hope you will dive in with a positive mind! 🙂

As you know, my Home Bakery is called Philosophy of Yum. It is quite a unique business name, but I didn’t come across it overnight.

Finding the right name can often take a while, but I want you to know that that’s TOTALLY okay!

Everyone’s journey is different, so don’t put pressure on yourself to rush this process.

Here are the 5 Secrets for Creating a GREAT Home Bakery Business Name.


1. Your Biz Name Should Mean Something to OUTSIDERS

Naming your business after yourself is a SUPER popular thing to do. It’s been popular for ages. But it really isn’t ideal.

My Home Baking Business Name was initially actually Aureo’s Confectionery, believe it or not!

My own name, Aurelia, is quite long and well, Italian, which made it a bit tough for South Africans to pronounce or even just remember.

When Oreo cookies finally arrived in South Africa in my first year of high school, my super cute and easy nickname became Aureo. This was how I introduced myself all throughout university as well – “just call me Aureo! :)”

So when I started baking for fun and had to choose a business name, Aureo’s Confectionery was the logical choice. It was personal, it was slightly punny (which is so me) and made sense…



I made the mistake of thinking my business is about ME so I named my business for MYSELF, not for my clients.

The problem with naming your Home Baking Business after yourself is that it doesn’t say anything about your BUSINESS at all. And it definitely doesn’t say anything about how you help your clients at all.

In an outsider’s subconscious mind they’ll be thinking: “Yes, you are the baker, but how does that benefit me?”


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Let’s do a little test…

If you read through a list on Google of Bakeries in your area and you see:

Tiffany’s Bakery

Nicole’s Cakes

Katie’s Cookies

Philosophy of Yum

Justine’s Confections


Which one stands out and sparks your interest? Which one already informs you what the bakery is about before you’ve even been to their website?


When I started trading at Food Markets in Cape Town, I kept trying to think of a great tagline I could write on my blackboard sign. I wanted to come up with a tagline to better describe what I do since Aureo’s Confectionery didn’t mean much in a city where no one knows me.

I ended up writing “Our philosophy is yumminess”, since FLAVOUR and QUALITY totally form the foundation my bakes (and business) and make them so special.

This is what sets me apart from my competitors and the main-steam decoration obsessed bakeries we find today.

After much thought I realized that my tagline represented my bakes better than my actual business name did. It should not be this way.

After 3 years of baking as “Aureo’s Confectionery”, I decided to change my Home Baking Business Name to “Philosophy of Yum”. Best decision EVER.


So remember that you are not naming your business for yourself since your business is not about you.

Your Business Name should ideally sum up how your baking benefits your IDEAL CLIENT.


Want YOUR Home Bakery Business Name to stand out in the crowd? Struggling to choose the perfect name for your baking business? This is the post you've been looking for :) Discover the 5 secrets for creating a GREAT Home Bakery Business Name. Click through to read it now! #homebakery #cakebusiness #cupcakebusiness #bakingbusiness


2. Your Business Name Should Be Easy to Pronounce

Foreign languages have so many beautiful words that sound super poetic. BUT be careful with these words.

You might like many French words like “Toujours” because it’s beautiful, but will at least 90% of the people in your city understand what it means or even just know how to pronounce it?!

My one friend in Canada has a Home Bakery called Bake Toujours. It means Bake Always. She can totally do this in Canada because most Canadians understand French. French is their official second language.

In South Africa this would not work at all! People would spend the first 30 seconds on my website trying to figure out how to pronounce this weird word and then give up. What a missed opportunity!

I could have given them a Business Name that already hooks them and draws them in. But people feel frustrated and confused when they can’t pronounce your business name.

So make your business name easy to understand and easy to pronounce.

When you do this you are considering your client’s needs above your own – and that’s the mark of a great business owner.


3. Business Name Brain Dumping

Here’s a practical exercise to help you find the perfect name for your Home Baking Business. In your Workbook, do a little brain dumping.

This means writing down any and every word (and sentence) that comes to mind about your bakes and business ideals.

Choose descriptive words, meaningful words, words that best describe what clients can experience when eating one of your creations. Words that represent ideals your business stands for.

You can even get some close family and friends to help you with this process.

Also, don’t rush this. If you don’t feel you have the right words yet; wait a day or two and do some research to find the perfect words.

Search for synonyms to your words online. Often you’ll be so close in the idea of what you want to say with your business name, but then a synonym was all you needed.

Once you feel all the words on your page encompass what your bakes are about, you can proceed to rearrange them in different ways.

You’ll know it’s “the one” when you find it!

If you’re not 100% satisfied and HAPPY about the new name, go back and keep rearranging.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to let it simmer a day or two or even a few weeks if necessary before you make a final decision.


4. Make Sure Your Business Name is Unique

When you feel you’re onto a winning name, be sure to do your homework and see if this name is indeed available!

The last thing you want is to create a logo, print business cards and only then find out that someone in your city has the exact same Home Bakery name!

The way you avoid this is to educate yourself online to see if your business name has been used already for a website domain or if it is still available.

Search for your prospective business name with .com, .org and then also for domain names specific to your own country like (for South Africans), (for those in the UK), dot (for Australians).

If no one has snapped up the domain name yet, then it’s safe to go ahead and pick your prospective business name as your official business name.


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5. Make Sure No One Steals Your Business Name

And now it’s time for some insurance. You obviously don’t want anyone to steal your business name. Trademarking your name and logo is an option, but it can be a very expensive, stretched out process.

The easiest way to protect your name is to reserve your website domain ( through Wix. Here’s a tutorial to show you how to do this.

You don’t have to build a website right now if you don’t want to, but reserve your domain so that no one takes your business name.

You can either sign up to Wix’s premium plan which includes a free domain registration, or you can buy your chosen domain for just under US$15 per YEAR which means it’s just over US$1 per month – it’s really not much and so worth it!

Reserving your domain is your insurance because no one in their right mind is going to pick a business name that they cannot use as their website address.

And that’s it my friend! I hope these secrets help you to find the ideal business name for your Home Bakery 😀

Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment) 🙂

14 Tools You Need to Start a Home Bakery

14 Tools You Need to Start a Home Bakery

14 Tools you Need to Start a Home Bakery

Kitchen gear envy…

It’s a thing man.

Everywhere on Instagram and YouTube we see strings of bakers with like 2 or 3 Kitchen Aid Mixers in pretty pastel colours, huge ovens and a jar with 30 spatulas.

And so we automatically assume that we need all of those things before our kitchen is “good enough” to start our own Home Bakery.

But today I’m telling you once and for all that you don’t need a whole heap of fancy kitchen appliances to start a successful Home Bakery Business!

I got by with the cheapest hand mixer for a year and hand-me-down mixing bowls. All these other expensive appliances are not essential; they just look prettier and make things a tiny bit easier.


1. Your Oven

Most importantly you need an oven… In theory you could use a mini oven, but you won’t be able to bake much at a time, so I recommend that you invest in an 81 litre oven. It’s about 0,6 m x 0,6 m and is usually the standard domestic oven used in homes. It’s the perfect size; you don’t need anything bigger than this.

I’ve used this size oven since the very start of my Home Bakery and I still do. My oven is a Defy and I LOVE it! It’s dependable, accurate and bakes perfectly. I bought it secondhand for $200.

Of course, most homes already have an oven, so you probably won’t even need to buy one!


2. Digital Kitchen Scale (Battery Powered)

Great baking requires GREAT precision.

Unfortunately baking with cup measurements will not give you the same results.

For example; an egg can weigh anywhere from 40 g – 70 g. Every gram of egg makes a significant difference in the end results. I encourage you to buy a digital kitchen scale. They are really inexpensive (like $16 – $20) and will give you great precision and results in your baking!

Another awesome perk of digital scales is that you can bake mix batter much faster! Measuring ingredients in 5 different cup sizes can take forever, but with a scale you can just weigh ingredients directly into your bowl, press the zero button and weigh the next ingredient directly into the bowl.

This obviously also saves a lot of washing up since you’re weighing all ingredients into the bowl and not dirtying your measuring cups.

A digital kitchen scale is my favourite Home Bakery tool by far. Best $20 I ever spent!

Click here to see my favourite, affordable Digital Kitchen Scale.


Other Tools

When it comes to other tools it really depends on WHAT you’re planning on baking.

If you’re starting with cupcakes and brownies for example, there’s no need for cake tins just yet.

So you don’t NEED ALL of this stuff, but you can choose your own essentials from this list (beyond standard kitchen items like spoons, knives, pots, pans, etc.).


3. Plastic Mixing Bowls

Many bakers use ceramic, pyrex glass or stainless steel bowls. I prefer plastic bowls simply because the hand mixer’s beaters make way less noise against the sides of plastic mixing bowls.

You should have at least 1 Large, 1 medium and 1 small mixing bowl.

I love the OXO plastic Mixing bowls because they have a rubber lining on the bottom which stops them from sliding around when you’re busy mixing.

They also have rubber linings on the top rim for better grip when you’re pouring batter. The OXO Plastic mixing bowls come in sets of 3 in the exact sizes you’ll need.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable mixing bowls.


4. Sieve

You should absolutely, always sieve your dry ingredients. This gets rid of any lumps in your flour, cocoa powder, etc. It also catches any strange, hard bits that somehow got in there. Sieving also aerates and mixes your dry ingredients.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable sieve.


5. Large Chef’s Knife

Every baker needs a big knife.

First of all because it makes you feel and look like you’re a pro!

And secondly because a chef’s knife is super useful. I use mine every single day; to slice and chop apples and vegetables for cakes, finely chop citrus zest, chop nuts, slice brownies, chop chocolate and even to make chocolate shaving decorations.

Now please note that it doesn’t have to be an expensive chef’s knife. Mine was like $20. It’s very important that it’s 8 inches (20 cm) though. Anything bigger or smaller becomes difficult to handle and won’t create the same beautiful chocolate shavings – if you plan on making them to give your cakes a professional edge.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable chef’s knife.


6. Silicone Spatula (flat, not indented)

I adore a good silicone spatula! There are few things I enjoy more than scraping every last drop of batter into a cake tin.

Even if you don’t have OCD tendencies like me, a spatula is still essential for scraping the sides and bottom of your mixing bowl throughout the mixing process. This ensures that you won’t have a surprize lump of butter or flour hiding in a corner of your bowl somewhere.

Spatulas are an essential tool for mixing a well incorporated batter.

But it takes a very specific type of spatula to scrape a bowl clean. Some are too flimsy and don’t have enough strength to obey your commands without bending over in the opposite direction – very annoying.

Some spatulas are too hard and don’t give you a “close shave” against the side of the mixing bowl.

Some spatulas are like flat spoons, so you end up needing another spatula to scrape out the indented part of the spatula! Very annoying.

FLAT-sided silicone spatulas are perfect! Because you can just scrape them on the rim of your mixing bowl to get the batter off it and nothing will be stuck to it afterwards.

Click here to see my favourite silicone spatulas.


Nope, you don't need a Kitchen Aid Mixer or a huge oven to start your Home Bakery! You can get by with very few tools and appliances and still turn a GREAT profit with your Home Baking. Here's a list of the essential tools you'll need when you Start your Home Bakery Business. #homebakery #cakebusiness #bakingbusiness


7. Sturdy Balloon Whisk

Sometimes a spoon just doesn’t cut it.

Like when you’re saving split chocolate ganache, or making lemon curd, or reviving frozen creme patisserie, or salted caramel, or making any kind of sauce or filling.

Stirring with a balloon whisk just gives you a much smoother result and prevents clumping or burning stuff.

It’s worth it to buy a good quality one though because the el cheapos end up coming undone where the wires join the handle. You’ll be whisking along, unsuspected, and then suddenly a wire will shoot loose and flick hot custard in your face – it’s happened to me before.

Trust me, rather buy 1 great balloon whisk instead of 10 cheapies that keep breaking.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable balloon whisk.


8. Electric Hand Mixer

Let me tell you a little secret…

You don’t need a stand mixer to start a Home Bakery Business! Yep, I’ve said it. You can totally get by with an electric hand mixer.

I’ve written a very thorough blog post on buying the perfect hand mixer if you want to go into deeeeeep detail; Hand Mixer Shopping Guide. Most importantly you want something that doesn’t fall over easily, is not too heavy and gives you a lot of control in the speed settings.

A high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. Be careful. You can buy a perfectly awesome hand mixer for under $20 that will last for years to come.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable Electric Hand Mixer.


9. Piping Bags (Preferably Reusable)

Let’s all do our bit in helping the environment shall we?

There are so many things I did wrong in the first few years of baking full time, but I’m so grateful that I bought reusable piping bags from the very start!

Mostly because it makes sense financially; you by one bag in 5 years. If you use disposable piping bags for 5 years you end up spending WAY more.

They’re easy to clean and really inexpensive.

There are many different sizes, but in my experience anything larger than 30 cm (12 inches) is just too big to control effectively while you’re piping.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable reusable piping bag.


10. Stainless Steel Piping Tips

Oh, the many millions of piping tips on the market today are staggering!

Of course the ones you buy depend entirely upon what type of frosting piping you want to do. But you totally don’t need to be fancy here.

The only 2 piping tips you really NEED are a closed star tip (Wilton 2D) and a large round tip (Wilton 1A).


You’ll use the Wilton 2D to pipe frosting onto cupcakes. I like to pipe my frosting from the inside out so that it looks like a rose. So classic and beautiful!

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And the large round Wilton 1A is great for piping perfectly round blobs of frosting onto cupcakes, piping out macaron batter, piping macaron fillings onto macarons and piping frosting onto layer cakes.


11. Muffin/Cupcake Tins

Most home bakers begin by selling cupcakes, muffins, cookies and brownies. They are easier to bake and less intimidating than layer cakes or cheesecakes for example!

I recommend buying at least 2 non-stick muffin tins. This way you can use one tin to refill with batter while another one is busy baking. They’re easy to clean and can last a lifetime if you take good care of them.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable Cupcake/Muffin Tins.


12. Non-Stick Baking Sheet

A Baking sheet is really a go-to item in any home bakery. You can use them for cookies, macarons, roasting nuts, baking pastries and more!

Generally a 15 x 10 inch pan works great in domestic ovens, but be sure to measure the inside of your oven just to be sure they will fit inside!

Click here to see my favourite, affordable Non-Stick Baking Sheet.


13. 2 Inch Cookie Scoop

Although this is not really an “essential” item, it will make your life a heck of a lot easier and will make your cookies look more uniform. The domed shape of the cookie dough will also end up making the center of your cookies thicker and sides thinner. Translation = crispy outside, gooey center!

Click here to see my favourite cookie scoop.


14. Non-Stick Brownie Tin

Brownies, bars and squares are always a great crowd pleaser! In fact, brownies were the very first items I started selling back in 2008 when I was studying architecture.

I still adore baking brownies and have also found a new love for baking blondies. You could also do layered bars and squares in your brownie tin.

8 x 8 Inch is the standard size that works great for Home Bakery.

Click here to see my favourite, affordable Brownie Tin.


Other, disposable items you’ll need:

  • Cupcake Liners
  • Non-stick baking parchment
  • 45 cm Roll of Heavy Foil
  • Non-Stick Spray (your best friend – seriously)
  • Small, medium and large Ziploc Bags


More Advanced Tools & Appliances:

As your Home Bakery Grows you can expand your collection with some more tools and appliances that make life easier.

And that is it my friend! I hope you understand and believe now that you really don’t need a lot of kitchen gear to start a Home Bakery.

Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment) 🙂