How to Find Your Own Baking Style

How to Find Your Own Baking Style

How to Find Your Own Baking Style

A few weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram stories and 99% of you said you’d LOVE to know how to find/discover/develop your own, unique baking style!

🌟 This is incredibly exciting because it means that deep down inside of you, you know there’s MORE to you than just copying other bakers’ cakes.

You know you’ve got creativity hiding inside of you and you’re longing to unleash it!

And if you’re here reading this post you’ve probably had ENOUGH of replicating Pinterest cakes that your clients email you, right?

It’s the best feeling when people can see a picture of a cake you made and KNOW instantly that it’s YOUR work.


But now the only question that remains is HOW do you find your own baking style?

I sincerely wish I could tell you to just clap your hands 3 times, twirl around twice and then your style will come to you… Sadly, it’s not that quick or simple!

👉 If you REALLY want to find your baking style, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper here into yourself. You’ll need to access parts of yourself you’ve been steered away from your whole life.

But it’s TOTALLY worth it!

Here are my 5 Secrets for Finding your Baking Style…


1. Stop Policing Your Creativity

When’s the last time you saw young kids paint?

Do you ever see them run out of ideas?

I recently babysat our friends’ kids; a boy and a girl aged 3 and 4. Adorable munchkins, but after 2 hours of trampoline jumping I was EXHAUSTED!! Yet they still wanted to keep going!

It’s hard to remember a time that I EVER had that much energy…

I was desperate for a more relaxing activity; one where I got to SIT down for a few hours!

And then it came to me – let’s draw!! That’ll be fun!

But when we sat down to start drawing I had zero ideas.

By the time I’d sifted through my “bad, horrible and stupid ideas”, the kids had already drawn 4 or 5 pictures each!! And they were having a BLAST! Not for a second did they consider to care whether they were “doing it right” or not. They never stopped and freaked out because they made a mistake.

To them, there were no mistakes.

They haven’t learned that lingo yet. They were bottomless pits of creativity and originality.

I know I was like that once upon a time and I’m SURE you were too! We were ALL born with a bottomless supply of creativity and originality. If we’re not sure, we’ll take a chance!


Sir Ken Robinson is the speaker at one of my Top 5 Favourite TED Talks EVER. He’s an advocate for change in the global education system – AND he happens to be quite hilarious too!

His ground-breaking Ted Talk that I was referring to is entitled: “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”. Here’s one of my favourite snippets in that Presentation…

So clearly, as we get older, school teaches us that things get done a certain way. Anything beyond that is a mistake and “mistakes are unacceptable and even punishable”.

And so we eventually BELIEVE with our entire being that we must avoid mistakes at any cost…


I once saw this quote by James Wedmore that just changed my entire understanding of mistakes and failure:

“There is no such thing as failure. Either you succeed OR you learn what you needed to learn.”

I feel that one of the huge lies we believe today is that success is an EVENT.

🌟 While the truth is that mistakes are 100% PART OF success.

Thomas Edison said “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps. Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.”


The very notion that ANY type of learning or growth needs to happen without mistakes is ridiculous and FALSE.

Mistakes form a VITAL PART of your creative process! You NEED to go through them to get to the good stuff.

So stop avoiding mistakes & failure!

We’re not in school anymore. Go for it! Try things, make mistakes and improve. It’s ESSENTIAL for your growth and the process of discovering and cultivating your baking style.

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2. 100% Embrace Who YOU Really Are

WHEN exactly do we suddenly start becoming self-aware and comparing ourselves to others?

When do the lies about our unique creativity start creeping in and make us sensor and compromise our TRUE style?

It should come as no surprise that SCHOOL is where all this drama starts.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m a HUGE fan of learning and growing!! The problem with school though is that the learning is overshadowed by ACHIEVING and being better than everyone else.

And if your art isn’t the “best” or at least “better than” Sally, Michael and Joe’s – then you suck. We’ve been conditioned to believe that if our creativity isn’t being praised by certain people, our uniqueness is embarrassing and not “good enough”.


THAT’S where we start to SUPPRESS or ALTER our true self.

We push down any parts of our creativity that isn’t what people are looking for.

And the rest of our creativity we BEND to suit people’s requirements.

And if you do this long enough, you’ll entirely forget how to express YOUR creativity.

It’s not because of learning and receiving an education. It’s just the fruit of being educated within a system that’s BASED on comparison, achievements and approval.

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And at such impressionable ages we become addicted to achievements, comparison and approval from superiors!

Why do you think we all want our cakes to be “perfect”? Because we were taught that mistakes are bad and embarrassing.

Why do you think we want 1000 Facebook & Instagram followers? Because school made us addicted to approval from others.

So finding your baking style is not so much about learning NEW strategies or steps as it is about UNLEARNING everything false that we learned about ourselves as kids.

Through our years at school, our minds come to fully BELIEVE that our purest creativity is unwanted, unnecessary and often even embarrassing.


Hans Zimmer is one of the best examples here…

He’s a LEGENDARY score composer, meaning he composes music for movies.

He’s created music for hundreds of films and is arguably the BEST score composer of this age! Think of him as the Mozart of today.

Some of his film scores include; The Lion King, Gladiator, Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, Inception, The Prince of Egypt – just to name a few!

(I cry every single time I hear the score music from The Prince of Egypt! Give it a listen. It’s incredibly moving and beautiful.)

What most people don’t know is that Hans was kicked out of Piano class after just 2 weeks. He was an impossible child that got kicked out of 8 schools as well!

“I grew up modifying the piano, shall we say, which made my mother gasp in horror.”

Lucky for Hans he WAS incredibly stubborn and difficult! Because that helped him to stick to his process and not compromise his creativity!

A unique baking style makes your Home Bakery Business STAND OUT in the crowd! And believe it or not, YOU also have your own style hiding inside of you. With a few simple steps you can unleash your creativity and find your own baking style. Click through to learn how! #baking #homebaking #cakes #homebakery #bakingbusiness

But bakers like you and me on the other hand have soft hearts, am I right?

We LOVE making people happy! And if it means we need to compromise our true self and true creativity, so be it.

Now we are adults though and NO ONE’S happiness is your responsibility anymore.

You don’t need to please your parents or teachers or peers anymore.

And you definitely don’t need their stamp of approval anymore either! (In fact, you never actually did…)

Just look at Hans’s creativity, style and success! And he NEVER had his teachers or parents’ approval. He TRUSTED in the talents, perspectives and creativity God gave him. He never restricted it to please anyone.

So you’ll need to make an intentional CHOICE to encourage your mind that it’s TOTALLY SAFE, GOOD and NECESSARY to unleash its creativity.

The ONLY way for your creativity to come out of hiding is to TOTALLY accept yourself and PRACTICE your creativity.

Regularly give yourself permission to go wild!

Whether it’s with drawing, dancing, painting – ANYTHING creative. Not just baking. When you learn to let loose in these areas you’ll start to get new ideas for your baking too.


And this is not a once-off thing!

You need to KEEP ON accepting and EMBRACING all that you are for your creativity to reveal itself – layer by layer.

Your style is exactly that; YOUR style. YOU are the center of it. So, the better you know, discover and embrace who you’ve been made to be, the clearer your style will become.


An Important Side Note:

👉 Honestly, it’s entirely possible and probable that your creativity/style won’t IMPRESS you!

You may think it’s a bit boring compared to other bakers’ work. Or that it needs to be FANCIER!

On top of that there will be thousands of people out there who won’t be impressed by your style either.

That’s GOOD.

You know you’re onto something if some people love it and others don’t.


And truth be told, my baking style really doesn’t impress me. To me it feels quite “basic”. Sometimes I wish I enjoyed making more elaborate, decorative cakes that get shared on Wilton’s Instagram feed!

But here’s what’s important; my style may not impress me, BUT it feels 100% COMFORTABLE and RIGHT.

All my most loyal clients love my style and to THEM it’s impressive 🙂 And there will be a heap of clients who feel the same way about YOUR style my friend!


3. Spark & Chase Your Curiosity

I recently heard a fantastic tip for overcoming writers block. Cool thing is that this tip actually works for pretty much ANY creative who feels stuck in their creative process!

Here’s what you do… Just ask yourself the question “what if?”

What if a wolf jumped out behind the tree?

What if the rudder of the ship broke?

Or what if the Villain is actually the hero’s father?


The phrase “what if” sparks our curiosity and opens up worlds of possibilities we haven’t considered before!

When I think about it, most of my baking philosophies, recipes and style come from asking myself this very question – even though I might have been unaware of it at the time.

Super sweet Fondant cakes with dry cake layers were EVERYWHERE when I started out.

I HATED their flavour (or lack thereof!)…

But WHAT IF cake could actually taste freakin delicious? Moist, soft and yummy in its own right – without drenching the cake layers in sugar syrup.

WHAT IF I could develop a different frosting that wasn’t just a paste of fat and sugar, but actually had FLAVOUR?

WHAT IF I garnished my cupcakes like the flower crown I wore this past weekend?

Or what if I just used recognizable, delicious ingredients to garnish my cakes?


The question “what if” helps us to get out of our current, plain point of view and see things from an entirely new perspective 🙂

Creating curiosity for yourself is like an invitation to take a boat ride around the island you’re living on.

And once that curiosity boat pulls up, get in it! Embrace it, chase it and see how far it will take you.

This exercise may be a bit outside your comfort zone, but that’s where the magic happens! And I promise, after you’ve done it 3 times you’ll LOVE it! It makes you feel ALIVE again.

Imagine how your Home Baking Business will STAND OUT if you have your own, unique baking style... Deep down inside of you, you know there’s MORE to you than just copying other bakers’ cakes. You know you’ve got creativity hiding inside of you and you’re longing to unleash it! Click through to learn how to find your own baking style... #baking #homebaking #homebakery #bakingbusiness #cake


4. Time and Persistence Bring Growth

It’s so easy for us to look at creative, successful bakers and assume that they had their awesome style right from the start.

But what we don’t see is that it took hundreds and often even thousands of attempts to get to their style.

It’ll take time, repetition and persistence to uncover all the layers of protection you’ve built around your creativity.

We all tend to focus on Thomas Edison’s most amazing invention – the light bulb. But did you have any clue that he actually created 1093 patents of which less than 5 were triumphs??

Everyone adores Mozart’s famous compositions and yes he was a prodigy, but EVEN HE had to create 600 pieces of which only 6 are included in the 50 Greatest Compositions of All Time!

“If you want to be original, the most important possible thing you could do is to do a huge volume of work.”Ira Glass


It takes patience, repetition and persistence to strike gold because our first ideas are usually the most conventional ones.

But the more we produce, the higher our chance of originality becomes!

In my case it took about 2 years of baking the same 8 layer cakes over and over and over again to START developing my own style.

What’s now known as my “iconic swirl” to my Instagram followers only came about after 4 years of baking full-time!


5. Don’t Let Your Style Search Hold You Back

Now you may be thinking: “4 Years?! I can’t wait that long to become a successful baker!”

But you don’t need your style to be 100% figured out before you can start selling your baking. Your baking doesn’t have to be “perfect” before it will mean something to people.

So many bakers get stuck on having everything perfectly in place before they dare to sell any of their bakes. Don’t do that to yourself!

🌟 The most important thing is to keep moving in the right direction. START baking things you want to EAT! Be honest in your baking.

Customers know instinctively when you’re pretending to be someone you’re not in your baking. And that’s when they’ll want discounts because why would you pay full price for a fake Prada handbag?

As I’ve said, I baked FULL-TIME from Home for 6 years (making a full salary) before my style really came to life. All that time I was baking thousands of treats every month and earning good money for them.

The point of this post is this: if you want your Home Bakery to stand out and attract customers, then you’ll need to base your menu on what’s unique (that’s YOU) and not what’s popular (trends).

If you keep baking what everyone else is baking, your Home Bakery will disappear in the ocean of other bakeries who’s baking looks exactly like yours.

Does all this make sense?



Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment)

4 Biggest MYTHS About Starting a Home Bakery Business

4 Biggest MYTHS About Starting a Home Bakery Business

4 Biggest MYTHS About Starting a Home Bakery Business

Home Baking Businesses are incredibly fascinating and they come in ALL shapes and sizes! I’ve had my own successful Home Baking Business for 6 years now and I’ve loved pretty much every second of it.

Every job (whether you work for yourself or not) has its ups and downs, but I’m SO exceedingly grateful for my little Home Bakery!

Over the last year in particular, I’ve realized that so many passionate bakers have talent, but they don’t pursue their passion/dream of having a FULL TIME Home Bakery because of FEAR…

Fear that they don’t have the “required” specific skill set it takes to have a successful Home Baking Business.

A skill set that has FALSELY become synonymous with the term “Home Baking Business”. These are nothing but MYTHS.

Want to sell your home baking, but feel unsure about it? There are Home Bakery Business MYTHS that keep talented bakers from pursuing their Home Bakery dreams! Let's uncover the 4 BIGGEST myths one by one. This includes specific skill sets, huge capital & false beliefs about what kind of baking people pay for. Get all my 6+ years of full time home baking for free! Click through to get the inside info... #homebakery #bakingbusiness #homebaking #baking


These Home Bakery Business Myths Are:

  1. You need to have studied formal pastry/chef/baking courses at an institution.
  2. You need to have studied some kind of entrepreneurship/business courses at an institution.
  3. Being a master at Fondant work, gum-paste details and sugar art is ESSENTIAL. Being a master at creating detailed designs to match whatever theme a client wants is ESSENTIAL.
  4. And then also this belief that you need heaps of capital (or investors) for expensive kitchen equipment, branding, packaging, advertising etc.

I’ve grown SO deeply frustrated with these beliefs, because they really are TOTALLY false. Today I’m hoping to expose these myths once and for all.

home bakery | home baking business | baking business from home

Without becoming too feisty.

home bakery | home baking business | home cake business

I’ll try my best.

But I might fail at diplomacy here.

The reason WHY I want to expose these myths is because I keep coming across amazing, passionate, GIFTED Home Bakers that are actually very unhappy – for various reasons. And they often lack confidence because they don’t fit the brief listed above.

It breaks my heart, because they don’t need to feel this way.

There’s another way!

BUT FIRST, let’s start by breaking down the myths. Sound good?

MYTH # 1: You need to study formal pastry/chef courses for your Home Baked products to be “GOOD enough” to Sell

There’s this old mind-set still hanging around in society that makes life and growth quite difficult. It’s the belief you need to formally study and have some kind of qualification before you can work in a certain field.

Over time, some new shortcuts have been created (like short courses) which aim to condense your learning experience into a shorter span of time.

Although I love the idea that you don’t need to put aside YEARS for these courses, they still have major flaws.

I’ve wanted to do a thorough course in Pastry for 5 years now. Unfortunately, all the options would require of me to set aside a minimum of 6 months to complete the course. 6 Months of FULL TIME study.

This means no work and no income plus a mild expense of $ 5000. How is this sustainable or even possible?

My friend, this is a different time. The online world has opened up doors for all of us to learn almost any skill and excel at it.

You don’t need to study a formal, expensive course for your Home Baking Business to succeed. AT ALL.

If a cake tastes amazing and rocks your world, then no one cares if the baker has a qualification or not!

You can learn and grow into the BEST baker you can possibly be without any formal training. I’ve developed 5 FUN weekly habits over time that keep me sharp and constantly evolving as a Home Baker.

These 5 Weekly Habits Include:

1. Watching an inspirational dessert show. Shows like Unique Sweets, Great British Bake Off, Zumbo’s Just Desserts etc. NOT decorating shows. Watch shows that focus on flavour! I always keep a notebook handy to write down which new flavour combinations I’ve learned, which new techniques I’ve learned and how I could implement them in a bake I’m comfortable with – like brownies.

2. Conquer something technical that has EPIC flavour (typically spaced out over a month, with research on the specific bake every week). Perfect Baked Cheesecake, Flawless Cupcakes, Perfect Lemon Meringue Pie… these are all very technical desserts, yet I’ve managed to master them through extensive ONLINE RESEARCH and then practicing baking them. It’s all you need. Really.

3. Eat something that gives you a YUM-high! Hard Work, right? 😉 Eating YUM-high food/treats is essential to keeping your flavour edge sharp in your baking. Eat something every week that inspires you! It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Get to that baked thingy that everyone in your town/city is talking about!

4. Follow GREAT bakers (not decorators) online. You will learn something NEW every time. I still do.

5. Use seasonal ingredients for inspiration. Fresh, seasonal ingredients can inspire you to create bakes you’ve never tried before. Search online to see what other herbs/spices/nuts go with that seasonal vegetable or fruit.

It's a TOTAL lie that you need a baking degree/diploma to create a successful Home Bakery! You can start your business this week while you keep working on your baking skills in the background. Your baking doesn't have to be "perfect" before it'll mean something to people. If it's delicious, you can sell it! #homebakery #cakebusiness #bakefromhome #bakingbusiness

These habits have grown me into the baker I am today without ever needing to pay a cent for training.

I’ve explained the core concept of each habit, because I don’t want to be stingy, but if you want to, you can download the full, free, 5 page guide in my Free Resource Library. I’m confident that you’ll love it!

Another super effective strategy to Grow as a Baker (for free) is to volunteer at any restaurant/eatery/bakery/suppliers that do anything related to baking. This includes breads, pizzas, doughnuts, pastry, cakes, etc.!

You get to learn, hands on, on a schedule that works for you. Since you are volunteering and providing them with free labour, they can’t exactly make demands on your time. I recommend doing weekends or like every second weekend.

This way the restaurant/bakery gets FREE extra labour and you learn for FREE – TOTAL win-win!!

I’ve explained the basics without being cryptic, but if you want to read more on this strategy of mine you can download my full guide from the Free Resource Library.


MYTH #2: You need to formally study business/entrepreneurship for your Home Baking Business to be successful

Once again, my friends, this is a different time. The online world has opened up doors for all of us to learn almost any skill and excel at it. You don’t need to study a formal, expensive course in business for your Home Baking Business to succeed. AT ALL.

The web is absolutely TEEMING with online entrepreneur & business coaches who are giving away a WEALTH of info – for FREE.

I’ve learned all I need to from these peeps. Their free stuff has made me a savvy entrepreneur with a successful Home Baking Business even though they never speak about baking.

If you have a little bit of money to spend on this, it will definitely help though. I HIGHLY recommend “The $100 start up” by Chris Guillebeau.

This book has genuinely smashed my concepts of business and redefined my home baking business’s focus. It’s really inexpensive and amazing.

So yes, it’s paramount that you learn about business and entrepreneurship, but you don’t need to do a formal, expensive course at a university or institution.


Myth #3: You need to be a master at fondant, sugar art and themed designs for your home baking business to succeed.

Now this is where I get very VERY feisty.

As any “normal” baking nerd would do, I’m part of a few Baking Facebook groups. On these groups you typically see folks posting these AMAZING wedding cakes with mountains of fondant work, sugar flowers and modelling chocolate details… They are works of art.

One day I posted a photo in the one group of the types of cakes I do. A rustic, purist, cleanly presented carrot cake.

This Carrot Cake Recipe has generated $5000+ in sales for my home bakery business. I asked in the group if anyone does cakes like these because everyone’s work seems so “wedding-cakey” or “themed”.

Everyone’s responses SHOCKED ME.

Here’s what the fellow Home Bakers said on the group:

“I love baking cakes like yours for myself, my friends and family. But in order to make a living from baking I have to make fondant cakes.

“LOVE these kinds of cakes, but fondant cakes are what customers want, so that’s what I do most of the time.”

My heart sank!

Is this is truly what most Home Baking Business owners believe??…

It does not have to be this way. I would just curl up in despair if the only way to make a living off baking was to make fondant, themed cakes.

Here’s why…

In general, ANY creative enjoys creating something that THEY actually want to buy themselves. As soon as you start just creating for “whatever anyone wants”, you quickly get frustrated, bored and burned out.

“In order to make a living from baking I have to make fondant cakes…” But it’s not what she enjoys doing at all. She feels she HAS to do it.

TRUTH IS that there’s a WHOLE other market today that is into QUALITY and FLAVOUR. This is what I’ve discovered & experienced over the last 5 years of building my own Home Baking Business.

FLAVOUR and QUALITY (taste) create more concrete memories than sight. It’s been scientifically proven.

When more of your senses are involved in an experience, a more solid memory and rich the whole experience.

If you eat a cake with an awful flavour (includes both your taste & smelling sense) and texture, the only sense that the memory can stand on is SIGHT.

SIGHT does not create a very solid memory to begin with since it is a sense we use 16+ hours per day.

BUT if you eat a cake with a glorious flavour (includes smell) and beautiful, fresh texture then you already have 3 senses involved in the experience and memory!

That’s why the desserts and bakes from our childhoods are forever seared into our memories.

You absolutely DO NOT need to make fondant cakes to have a successful Home Bakery Business! Learn how I've been baking, full-time, for 6 years without EVER touching fondant! Click to learn how you can do it too... #homebakery #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness #homebaking #baking

I’ve NEVER heard anyone say: “oh do you remember when we ate that green fondant?! It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my life!” “Yes! And those silver deco balls, how divine!”

Nope. Never.

Over the last decade, the cake decorating scene has exploded on television and social media. It was always there, but shows like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Charly’s Cake Angels etc. opened up an exciting new world to the public and bakers.

Overnight, super decorated, fondant cakes became the new beacon for “baking”. People were loving them on TV (and social media) and demanding them from their local bakers!

Now, I am not saying there’s no need for cake decorating (that would be foolish and ignorant). It’s an amazing art!! I’m just saying that the cake decorating “hype” has gone completely out of control and created this stigma that


You can be an amazing cake DECORATOR, but this does not make you a great BAKER.

In the name of “You eat with your eyes!”, super pretty, BUT terrible tasting, dry, tough, stale cakes have been served to the masses for years now.

I have been on the receiving end so many times… I’m sure you have too?? It totally sucks. It ruins everything.

Bottom line: lines have become blurry and the concept of actual BAKING has been severely compromised by an exterior decorating obsession.


And, believe it or not, there’s a whole market just waiting for someone to produce DELICIOUS cakes, FULL of FLAVOUR, that give them a yum-high and leave them in a daze. Great, full on BAKING. This is what I’ve done and you can totally do it too!

Now obviously the cake needs to be neat and presentable, but all this means is clean lines. A neat finish on something HONEST, HOME MADE and AUTHENTIC.

You never need to make sugar flowers, or spend hours kneading purple fondant, or bake a cake a week in advance so that you have enough time to put the 1000 modelling chocolate ornaments on the cake IF YOU DON’T WANT TO.

So yes, I’m going to say it OUT LOUD:

You CAN make a comfortable living as a home baker without EVER baking a wedding cake or a themed cake!


Myth #4: You need loads of Money to start a Home Bakery Business

SO, totally and completely false.

When I started my home baking business I had almost nothing. I had a $10 hand mixer, 2 cheap plastic mixing bowls, 1 square tin and 1 muffin/cupcake tin (and a $5500 student loan to pay off, lol!). That’s it! That’s all you need. I didn’t even have an oven, so I baked at my (then boyfriend) husband’s student house and then decorated the baked cupcakes back at my own student house. You can make it work!

I know there are so many gorgeous kitchens on Pinterest, blogs and magazines, but don’t fall into the comparison trap.

A beautiful, fully equipped kitchen is not essential to your home bakery’s success.

Remember, this is good, honest HOME BAKING. When your mom or gran made your favourite birthday cake, could they manage without the $1000 Cuisinart Mixer? Was the cake memorable even though they mixed it by hand?

I’m betting YES.

It's a TOTAL LIE that you need heaps of money and fancy, expensive kitchen equipment to start a Home Bakery Business! All you need is a hand mixer, the oven that's already in your kitchen and a mixing bowl - that's it. Click through to start building your own full time Home Bakery Business. #homebakery #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness #cupcakebusiness #homebaking

Focus on the quality of your bakes, not the aesthetics of your kitchen and I promise that your home baking business will be successful.

Beautiful branding and packaging can also be a very tempting expense. If a wrapper is beautiful, but the candy tastes bad, will you ever buy it again? No.

Just go for simple packaging to start off with. You can seriously get away with 50 cents per cake box. To add a personal touch, get a logo stamp made for $10. It looks super rustic and cool!

A simple, affordable logo design solution is to do a trade exchange with a local graphic designer. Creatives really look out for each other and are keen to help where they can! Offer them a cake in exchange for a logo.

If they are super good, maybe offer them a $100 voucher/credit at your home baking business. It’s a wonderfully enriching experience working with any other creative! Give it a try 🙂

The last area where big spending can be super tempting is advertising for your home bakery.

Take it from someone who has done this for 5 years…

When it comes to baked goods, ONE word of mouth referral from someone who has actually tasted your bakes is worth more than 1000 flyers or 2000 views on a Facebook ad. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Also remember to keep the “home” in Home Bakery. Your clients want a touch of “home”. Focus on retaining your clients and build genuine relationships with them so that you become their GO-TO Baker! Loyal clients are the backbone of any Home baking business.


I hope that this post has been helpful to you and that it has also LIBERATED you as an authentic home baker. Please be YOU. Your gifts and talents are SO needed!


What’s next?

If you can relate to what I’ve shared, then Philosophy of Yum is exactly what you’ve been looking for. I’m so excited that you are finally here!

I’ve created a Library of FREE Resources specifically for current and aspiring Home Bakery Owners because I want to see you succeed!

This Library is filled with my BEST downloadable tools, tips, guides and my Home Bakery’s TOP SECRET Recipes to provide you with everything you need to build your own SUCCESSFUL HOME BAKERY BUSINESS.

Click the button below to take a FREE peek inside the Library – no strings attached!

Please comment below if you have any other struggles or doubts about building your own home bakery business because I would LOVE to help!

Chat soon,

Aurelia 🙂


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All my BEST Home Baking Resources to Help You Grow Your Baking Skills and Home Bakery Business

Hey there Home Baker!

🍩 Have you been longing to turn your passion for delicious home baking into an income?
🍩 Do you want step-by-step strategies that WORK to get you more customers and consistent orders in your home bakery?

🍩 Do you want to make a stable income from your baking so it can be your part-time or full-time career?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I've got just the thing to help you on your baking journey 🙂

It’s a FREE Resource Library with tools, top-secret recipes from my home bakery, guides, templates, etc. specifically to help home bakers like you create their own successful Home Bakery Business!

Want to start a Home Bakery Business? Or maybe you have a business but you want more customers and consistent orders? Here's a free library full of resources, tips, tools, secret recipes and ideas to grow your Home Baking Business. Click through to access the free library! #homebakery #homebaking #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness

I share many resources, baking tips, and LEGIT recipes from my own Home Bakery Business on my blog, but there are some documents I don’t want to share with just anyone

I’d rather share them with a passionate home baker, like you, who will benefit MOST from these documents.

These documents are very exclusive – with all the secrets behind my 6+ years of full-time (fully booked) home baking.

These amazing resources are available to my “Bake Snobs” only. You cannot find them anywhere else.


In my Free Library, You Can Expect to Find:

🧁 Philosophy of Yum (my Home Bakery)’s TOP secret recipes.

Typically recipes that were baked literally 1000 times over and have generated thousands of dollars in sales over the last 7 years. I haven't shared these recipes with ANYONE before now.

All the recipes come with gluten-free variation instructions too!

🧁 Home Baking Business Resources to help you attract customers and repeat orders.

This includes free Workbooks, Templates, Guides, a Pricing Calculator, and Tips to make your Home Bakery Stand out in the crowd, get more consistent orders, and make a stable income for you.

🧁 You'll get tools and tips to help you become THE BEST HOME BAKER YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE.

If you use this info, I guarantee your business will grow like never before. It’s how I have grown into the baker I am today without ever paying to study desserts/pastry/baking/chef etc.

🧁 You'll also get resources to push you further as a Home Baker...

Like learning HOW to develop your own recipes. The aim is to equip you and give you tools so that you can explore and create your own UNIQUE bakes.

Want to start a Home Bakery Business? Or maybe you have a business but you want more customers and consistent orders? Here's a free library full of resources, tips, tools, secret recipes and ideas to grow your Home Baking Business. Click through to access the free library! #homebakery #homebaking #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness

Does this sound too good to be true? Is there a catch?

Nope, no catch. I remember how hard it was to start my Home Bakery with zero help and limited resources. I understand what you're going through and I want your journey to be easier and faster than mine.

👉 As I’ve said earlier, this Library full of Home Bakery resources are exclusively ONLY available to my “bake snobs”.

So… Are you ready to turn your passion for Home Baking into a successful business?

I'm SO excited to welcome you to the bake snob tribe! 🥳

Aurelia 🙂