How to Promote Your Home Bakery Business & Get More Exposure

How to Promote Your Home Bakery Business & Get More Exposure

How to Promote Your Home Bakery Business & Get More Exposure

Hey fellow baking nerd! If you’re here reading this post it probably means that:

  1. You know your baking tastes GREAT (your friends & family keep raving about it!).
  2. After some consideration and encouragement, you’re keen to sell your baked goods! Que bucket loads of excitement and visions of yourself baking up hundreds of treats with a broad smile 😀
  3. Then it hits you – you need PEOPLE who will buy your bakes! And where do you find them?!

Getting the word out about your Home Bakery Business is a VITAL step every Home Bakery Owner needs to go through! Getting the word out and getting more exposure is how you get clients, right?

For some home bakers, this isn’t such a big deal and they get on with their ideas for spreading the word about their home bakery. For other home bakers, it’s a source of panic and dread to tell people about their business!

I absolutely fall in the last category! So there’s no shame whatsoever if the thought of “getting the word out” makes you sweaty and anxious.

These tips apply to BOTH introverted and extroverted home bakers!


The most important thing you need to know right off the bat is that there’s no silver bullet that will fix everything and suddenly get you hundreds of home bakery clients.

Is there ONE ingredient in a super delicious bake?

Is there ONE step in the method?


Some recipes have over 30 ingredients and 40 method steps in them – especially if it’s from incredible desserts like Adriano Zumbo’s for example.

In the same way, a successful home bakery doesn’t have just one ingredient or one method-step in it.

When a baking business succeeds it’s because there are lots of elements working together in harmony. Just like with the best recipes.

So IF you’ve been hoping for shortcuts, silver bullets, quick tips, etc. that will get you hundreds of clients in 1 month, I encourage you to let that go.

Please save yourself the frustration and disappointment!

>> Try not to look for quick fixes.

Through my own painful, frustrating experiences I’ve found that when we look for quick fixes, we’re really just avoiding our own growth – and success. These beginning phases are a vital part of your journey and story.

If you want a home bakery that gets consistent sales every week; pursue LEARNING & GROWING. The more you truly learn and grow, the more your business will grow.

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When I started my goal was to have a successful home bakery. Maybe that’s your goal right now?

But over time I’ve found that this is actually a very random and difficult goal. This goal makes it very hard to live your life day to day because the goal is sooooo far into the future that it makes you feel like you’re failing right now!

🌟 The BEST goal is to endeavour to be a better Home Bakery owner than you were yesterday.

When learning & growing are your focus, your success becomes INEVITABLE! That’s just how it works and you’ll learn to love it!

Okay, let me step down from my soap box and give you 4 tips to get the word out when you want more exposure for your Home Bakery Business 🙂

And no, you’re not going to pay money for advertising.

Paid advertising is not how I roll – just ask my course students. If a business needs to pay for advertising, it means it wasn’t built the right way. The great news is; that you can totally create a sold-out home bakery without ever paying for advertising! I’ve done it and so have my students. And so can YOU!

Here’s how you get the word out, get more exposure and promote your Home Bakery Business…

Getting the word out about your Home Bakery Business is VITAL for getting clients! If that makes you feel confused or panicked, just use my 5 tips to get you started :) These tips apply for BOTH introverted and extroverted home bakers! #baking #homebaking #bakingbusiness #homebakery



Yep, my name is Captain Obvious. Before I share any other tips with you, you need to know this foundational tip first.

Every single business on planet earth STARTS by telling your friends & family about it. And then they might tell other friends about it that could be interested in your products or services.

I’m sure you also want REAL clients and feel that friends & family kind of “don’t count as clients”. I felt this way too! But this thought is SO not true! Family & friends who buy from you ABSOLUTELY count as clients. (Side note – never give them more than a 10% discount though. If you feel too guilty about charging 90% or struggle with pricing your bakes >> check out my post on pricing.)

But honestly, there’s no way around this CRUCIAL first step and it’s where every humble new business begins.

No one is above it.

If you want to start a new business you NEED the network of people you already have in your life right now.

I know first-hand how scary it is to contact all your friends & family to tell them you’re starting a home baking business – because I’ve been there!

But as I keep telling my students, fear isn’t a sign that you’re not ready. Fear is simply a sign that you’re HUMAN. That’s it.

Don’t complicate this step for yourself. It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid.

Just write a message, send it to everyone, and be done with it. If you wait to “feel 100% ready” to tell people about your business, you’ll be waiting forever.

Commit yourself to just do it. Choose a date and time that you’re going to send the message. Put this date and time on your calendar. You’ll only do this if you put it on your calendar. If it’s not on your calendar, you’ll always find another reason to procrastinate.

Then when the date and time roll around – honour your OWN commitment!



Now we’re going to get into some more intense tips. Don’t move on to these next tips if you didn’t do tip #1 yet. Promise me!

Okay cool, let’s move on.

Certain ingredients just taste better when they’re local, right?

Like honey, eggs, certain cheeses, wine, olive oil, and sometimes even things like chocolate and butter!

Yes, they’re often more expensive.

But don’t let that get in your way because there’s a great opportunity here!

Let’s say there’s a local chocolaterie whose chocolate you absolutely love. They’ve got a great reputation, lots of fans, and a large social media following.

  1. Go to their store. Take a photo of yourself at their store. Share the photo on your Instagram stories with text describing why you love their chocolate so much and tag the chocolaterie in the post too.
  2. Buy some chocolate, and take it home.
  3. Bake something super yummy with it. Take beautiful photos of the bakes.
  4. Put them in a box with your logo on it. Take a photo of the box and share it on your Instagram stories and tag the chocolaterie in the post too.
  5. Take the bakes as a FREE GIFT to the chocolate shop for the owners & staff with a handwritten note to say thank you for their amazing chocolate that’s the best in the world.

are they’ll give you a shout-out on their social media! With such a kind gesture – and PRAISE for their product that makes THEM look good – they’ll probably give you a shout-out!

I’ve done this with lots of high-quality local products. And as a result, I get seen by their customers on their social media – who clearly already love delicious food (hint-hint *ideal customer alert!).

This strategy also increases your business’s reputation because you’re associating yourself with a high-rep, established business. And they’re associating themselves with you. This does wonders for your reputation – especially when you’re a NEW business.

Please note that you need to be HONEST here. Don’t say their product is “the best in the world” if you don’t mean it.

And your photos need to look nice. If they don’t look nice the business might not be so eager to share your photos spontaneously. Click here to get some of the photo tips I’ve shared on Instagram.

Are you struggling to get clients & sales in your home bakery business? Promoting your business and getting more exposure is essential for your success. Most bakers believe you need to pay money for advertising, but that's an outdated strategy that will leave you broke and disappointed. Click through to get EFFECTIVE strategies for promoting your baking business without paying money for advertising at all! #baking #bakingbusiness #homebaking #homebusiness



I used to think hashtags are just these random things you use on Instagram because everyone’s doing it. But hashtags are SUPER STRATEGIC my friend!

I learned everything I know about hashtags from Instagram expert Carla Biesinger.

As a local business, you need to use LOCAL hashtags to get seen by your ideal clients – who are local!

Let me use my own Home Bakery as an example:

I live in Cape Town, so if I want Cape-Townians to find me on Instagram, it won’t help to use the hashtag #baking. First of all, it’s a super popular hashtag, so my post will just disappear down the line.

Secondly, it doesn’t reach my IDEAL client who LOVES food and lives in Cape Town!

Better hashtags to use will be #capetownfood #capetowndesserts #capetownfoodie.

They’re all very specific to my area AND they all revolve around food. These are the hashtags my ideal clients are using in THEIR posts, so odds are they check out these hashtags’ feed at least once a week.

You can find your best local food hashtags by going to the free Instavast Instagram Hashtag Generator. Click on free tools >> hashtag generator >> Keyword. Then type in your town/city in one word e.g. cape town.

Then they’ll give you a bunch of different ideas of local hashtags that are being used on Instagram already.

Just make sure you don’t use hashtags that have been used more than 200k times. When a hashtag is huge it becomes very difficult for small accounts to trend for this hashtag. Meaning, that your post won’t make it to the top 9 posts and get seen by lots of people.

And please use a local hashtag even if it’s tiny! if the hashtags are small and have only been used a few thousand times – use them! Quality matters here, not quantity.

Imagine if it’s only been used 2000 times, but then your post makes it to the top 9, and 63 ideal clients see your post! Imagine if just 10% of those people order, it’s still 6 orders which is a lot!

Using smaller, local food hashtags increases your chances of being discovered by your ideal clients.



Obviously, this doesn’t work when there’s a pandemic going on. A pandemic like Covid-19 is a rare exception to the norm.

Local Food Markets can be a brilliant way to showcase your bakes, get more exposure, and make some good money. Some annual Food Markets/Food Shows boast attendances of up to 20 000 people – craaaazy!

If there’s one thing that humans LOVE to do, and never seem to get tired of, it is eating GOOD food.

I’ve had my fair share of Food Market Stalls over the last 7 years. I’ve traded at 7 DIFFERENT markets for a total of 22 TIMES. Was it worth it? YESSS!!!

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If you can manage to trade at the exact same local Food Market for at least 6 months, you’ll build up a LOT of credibility and trust.

People might not see or notice your business the first 2 times. But when they KEEP SEEING you and your bakes, the odds that they’ll buy from you increases.

The repeated exposure you get from Food Markets is amazing. Plus, it’s the BEST way for you to learn how to interact with clients and confidently speak about your bakes.

Confidence mostly comes through repetition!

Want more home bakery clients, but struggling to get more exposure? Whether you're an introvert or extrovert I've got 5 practical tips for you to start getting more exposure for your baking business today! Click through to get the tips :) #baking #homebaking #cakebusiness #bakingbusiness #homebakery



Word of mouth is still, by far, the best strategy to grow a business! Whether you’ve just started your home bakery or been going for years; word of mouth trumps any other form of marketing.

Seriously; 1000 flyers are less effective than 1 person telling their best friendJane, you’ve GOT to order from this bakery!”

Remember this line: People buy from businesses they know, like, and trust.

If these things aren’t in place, people simply just won’t buy.

Word of mouth is SO effective because you’re essentially piggy-backing on the trust that people already have in their relationships.

Jane will buy from you because she trusts her best friend. With word of mouth, it’s irrelevant whether Jane trusts YOUR business or not.

So make sure your current clients (even if it’s just 2 friends and 3 family members right now) have the BEST possible experience with you!

If you take great care of your clients they WILL talk about your business. When a client loves your business, they’ll promote your business FOR you – and for free! It’s SO rad!

And here’s a little secret >> their experience with you is about so much more than just baked goods!

Remember that home baking is all about family and love. So, every single moment you’re in contact with a client you need to CARE.

Care about the things THEY care about. Care about the important details in their lives that you’re baking for. Always follow up. Always be kind and excited to see them.

Your business exists to serve your clients and make them feel good & special.

If you want more clients, be faithful with the clients you have now. Do for 4 people what you’re eager to do for 400.

Have you been struggling to get consistent orders?

Or maybe felt so unsure about how to promote your baking to customers that you’ve been avoiding it altogether?

I understand how you feel and you’re not alone!

I’d love to help and that’s why I’m suuuper excited to invite you to my FREE Home Bakery Masterclass that’s about…

How to Get Consistent Orders Without Wasting Time & Money on Marketing that Doesn’t Work.


​🧁 Get orders every week using the Consistent Orders System.
🧁 Create a stable income from your baking without needing to work 24/7 & burning out.
🧁 Follow the secrets to attract your ideal customers automatically.

If you’re a flavor-obsessed home baker that wants to get consistent orders and a stable income, this Masterclass is perfect for you!

Let’s get you those customers & orders you’re working so hard for!

I’ll see you in the Masterclass 🥳 


Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment)

The 5 Best (and cheapest!) Resources to GROW Your Home Bakery Business

The 5 Best (and cheapest!) Resources to GROW Your Home Bakery Business

The 5 Best (and cheapest!) Resources to Grow Your Home Bakery Business

Honestly, I should have written this post AGES ago!

In this post I’ll share the BEST resources I’ve come across that have actually helped my Home Bakery to GROW. This post is ideal for you if you’ve already started your business and want to GROW it into a part-time or full-time gig.

Over the past few years I’ve been sharing these resources with bakers in emails when they ASKED for it. But it somehow never occurred to me that there are probably thousands of home bakers who have these questions too, but never ask them.

Questions like:

>> “I know my baking tastes really good, but I’m struggling to get clients consistently! How do I get more clients & sales?”

>> “I’ve had a few sales! I feel very excited, but I also feel totally overwhelmed… What am I supposed to do next to grow my business?”

>> “I’m working 24/7, but I’m barely making enough money to cover my expenses. What am I doing wrong? How do I grow my income?


This post is here to answer such questions and point you to resources that will help you to reach Home Bakery Success FASTER.

Please note: This post has affiliate links. This means that if you purchase some of these products I get a tiny commission – but at NO extra cost to you. I’m super proud to recommend these resources to you because they’ve completely transformed my Home Bakery Business!

1. Pricing Calculation System

This is probably the most important part of a baking business, but home bakers often don’t realize how serious this is.

You can have the best website in the world and be the best baker in the world – that doesn’t guarantee a successful Home Bakery.

Even if you can have the best recipes in town and have a massive client base… Even if you’re fully booked for months in advance it does NOT guarantee a successful Home Bakery!

We bakers often forget that a baking business is in fact a BUSINESS.

It’s super easy for us to get wrapped up in the BAKING part of it, but a successful Home Bakery is actually only 30% great baking and 70% great BUSINESS strategy.

That’s why large commercial bakeries with average baking are so successful. They KNOW that their BUSINESS strategy matters more than double as much as the quality of their baking!

They may score low on their baking quality, but they’ve got their business strategy down! They’re great business people and therefor their companies thrive.

I’ve told you all of this as an intro to the ONE most important business strategy tip you need.

Here’s my top tip: Businesses need MONEY to stay alive.

It’s not about being greedy at all. Just like plants need water to stay healthy and grow, businesses need money to stay healthy and grow.

If your Home Bakery doesn’t make enough money, it’s going to die. Simple as that. It’s a fact.

Yes, it’s super forward of me to say this so straight. And honestly I wish someone told me things so straight when I first started out!

The MAIN source of income you have is selling your baked goods. That’s where the money is at and it’s VITAL to your success that this part of your business functions properly!

If you undercharge for your baked goods or give all your family’s orders to them for free, you’ll need to address this as soon as possible.

Remember, your business needs money to stay healthy and grow.

If you struggle with undercharging and pricing in general you can check out this blog post >> 6 Steps for Pricing Your Baked Goods with Confidence.

You can also get my Pricing Calculator when you subscribe to my FREE Resource Library! It’s a super nifty PDF file that calculates the recommended selling price FOR you based on your ingredient costs, time spent, etc.

When you have your pricing system in place, your business will make the money it’s supposed to make.

When you price correctly you’re setting your Home Bakery up for growth and success!

2. Marketing for Beginners

Some of the best advice I can offer you is to start educating yourself on MARKETING as soon as possible!

The best products don’t get the most sales. The best MARKETING gets the most sales!

Marketing is ALL about learning how to make strangers realize that YOUR baked goods are exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Bakers tend to view business in a very outdated way. I did too at first!

They believe that there are 2 things you need to do to build a successful Home Bakery Business; bake great treats and advertise them. This strategy may have worked in the 80’s, but it’s not enough anymore!

I’m sure you’ve been experiencing this reality first hand and that’s why you’re here looking for answers.

Down that path the inevitable happens… We believe we just need to “bake great treats and advertise them” but no matter how hard we try, we just DON’T get more clients and sales.

It sucks!

And we start assuming that the reason why it’s not working is because we:

A] Aren’t “good enough” bakers or
B] Aren’t spending enough money on advertising.

This is TOTAL GARBAGE my friend. You’re a victim of totally outdated information!

First of all I want to tell you that businesses don’t struggle because their products aren’t good enough. They also don’t struggle because they don’t advertise enough. And they definitely don’t struggle because they don’t spend “enough money” on advertising.

Want to hear a shocking fact?

For 4 whole years I didn’t need to spend a single cent on advertising and my Home Bakery was fully booked every month! And it’s all because of this ONE thing – Effective Marketing.

Truth is that if you’re not getting clients you have a marketing problem. NOT an advertising problem.

Advertising and marketing isn’t the same thing.

Here’s the difference between Advertising and Marketing:

Marketing is about all the things you do to ATTRACT people to your business.

When you understand marketing and apply it effectively to your business you’re essentially turning your biz into a high-intensity MAGNET that attracts your ideal clients to you on autopilot.

Advertising on the other hand is like deep sea fishing… You go OUT and hope to find clients. It’s stressful. It’s risky. And most of all it gets expensive very fast! I’m sure you’ve felt that with your advertising efforts!

The honest truth: My Home Bakery has been fully booked 98% of the time (sometimes for 3 months in advance) with ZERO advertising.

When I started out in 2013 I DID TRY advertising and I didn’t get any business from it whatsoever! But investing my time in learning about MARKETING has made all the difference in my business.

And the great news is that marketing doesn’t need to be this super expensive mission to learn! It’s actually super cheap and effective to learn from books! That’s what I did and it works 🙂

You don’t need to go to an expensive university to understand marketing. YOU have the power to take control of your education.

I picked up my first ever marketing book I highly recommend that you start with the book just after my baking biz lost a HUGE client and hence 70% of my income – overnight!

I picked up a book (thanks to my legit husband), studied it, applied everything I learned, and a year later my Home Bakery was booked solid for 3 months in advance.

This book is a fantastic introduction to marketing in a small business and it’s called The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. It changed everything in my Home Bakery!

Get it as soon as you can. Read a bit of it every day. Apply what you learn and I promise you – your Home Bakery Business WILL grow.

3. An Effective Website

As a home baker I totally get how daunting it seems to set up a website! But the website building world has CHANGED drastically in the past few years. Don’t be scared off by the technological aspect of website building my friend. It’s really not a big deal at all. Since I built my first, super embarrassing website back in 2012; some amazing, USER FRIENDLY software has been developed to help non-techies like us to build beautiful websites in no time! But before we get to the “how?” of building a website, it’s essential that we cover the “why?”.

Why do you need a Website?

A] It’s professional: Home Bakeries are all about approachability and connection. But when it comes to your website, it’s the one place you really need to be super professional. According to a survey done by CNBC, a staggering 45% of small businesses don’t have a website!
And the fact of the matter is that today’s consumers LIVE online – so you need to be online to reach them.
Having a website communicates to clients that you take your Home Bakery very seriously and that you take them and their needs seriously as well. If you don’t have a website, there will also be confusion over your availability to bake for them. If you only have, say a Facebook page, it may seem to them that your Home Bakery is just a casual thing you do for friends and family. Having a website communicates to people that you mean business! And lastly, to be honest, NOT having a website in this online era will ONLY damage your business’s perceived value. The very first thing people do when they are interested in a business is to check out their website. The last thing you want is for someone to be interested in your bakes, but then dismiss your home bakery as sub-standard because you don’t have a website. Think of a website as your 21st century business card. Have you ever been in a conversation where you tell people about your baking biz and then they love it so much that they ask for your business card, but then you don’t have one? It’s such a sucky and embarrassing feeling isn’t it?! Well, NOT having a website is the 21st Century equivalent of that! You absolutely need a website to get business and sales to grow your business.   B] A Website Increases your Business’s credibility & reach: As soon as your business has a website, it’s seen as a LEGIT business. It’s like having an online office/shop address. A Website provides an opportunity for SEO (Search engine optimisation). This sounds complicated, but it’s really simple. SEO is about strategies that websites use to communicate to Google that you are a high quality bakery in your town/city/suburb. This makes it easier for NEW potential clients to find your business on Google search which means more sales and profit for you! Without a website, Google unfortunately and literally can’t recommend you to people searching for bakeries online.   C] A Website is an Opportunity to Exhibit What You Do: See your website as a portfolio of what VALUE your Home Bakery has to offer. If you fail to communicate online WHAT exactly it is that you do and how people can benefit from that, you are losing out on sales – BIG TIME.
Your home bakery essentially has a “job interview” with every single client that’s considering to order from you. And not having a website is like not even showing up for your job interview! Shocking!
  D] A Website Saves You Time: It does take some time to set up a website in the beginning, but it’s the most valuable time investment you’ll ever make. On a website you can put ALL the details about your business and services out there for clients to see. It brings them up to speed with your business workings. This means that you won’t spend hours answering the same questions over and over again every time someone wants to order from you. Questions like: Do you bake for weekends? How many people does your 9 inch cake serve? Is there corn flour in your gluten free bakes? Do you deliver? Prospective clients usually check out your website first before they will actually order from you. If they can find all the answers to their questions on your website, that means clearer communication for them and less work for you. Even if your home bakery is just starting out as a part time venture, build a website as soon as possible. I built mine when I was just baking once a week! And it has been a backbone of success in my business.  

HOW to Build a Website:

If you haven’t built a website yet, I strongly urge you to use Wix. They make it SO EASY to create a website – for free! My very first website was on Wix, but my cousin offered to help me build me a website on WordPress because she knew WordPress very well. When I became more serious about my blog I bought a super expensive WordPress theme that has helped my blogging endeavours in particular. But if I had to choose a platform for my HOME BAKERY’S website today, I’d absolutely choose WIX. I bought that ridiculously expensive WordPress theme because I was ignorant – to be honest. I had no idea that Wix had become so incredible. Squarespace is nice as well, but Wix’s free website themes & templates are better in my honest opinion and Wix is WAY more user friendly and cheaper than Squarespace. Wix has this very nifty “Wix ADI” which is built in software that creates a whole website FOR YOU based on the information you provide! So awesome! What’s also great about Wix is that they have a built in SEO program. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When your SEO is good, then Google will give you a higher ranking which increases your chances of being seen when people Google bakeries in your town/city. SEO usually takes a lot of time & effort and it’s a steep learning curve to master it. Knowing that Wix takes care of all that will preserve your sanity. So, my friend, even if you are technologically challenged, you will be able to get the results you want without breaking a sweat. Another wonderful perk is that lifetime technical support is included! This means they have a team of people online 24/7 to assist you if you get stuck during the website building process. Click here to start building your website on Wix. With their amazing templates you could be DONE creating your website in like 4 hours max! And here’s a YouTube tutorial to help you build your Wix website.

4. Build a Story Brand for Your Home Bakery Business

For the first 5 years in my Home Bakery Business I always positioned my Home Bakery to “impress people”. I thought that’s what you need to do to get people’s attention. You need to IMPRESS them.

Maybe you feel that way right now in your business?

But people don’t buy because they’re impressed.

They buy when they clearly (and quickly) see that you UNDERSTAND their problems and can help them to solve those problems.

Here’s the most shocking truth of why businesses fail: They position themselves as the hero of the story. They make the story all about them and how amazing their company is.

But meanwhile all clients are only interested in ONE story – their OWN story!

Here’s a practical example:

We all tend to think we are Daniel LaRusso at the end of the Karate Kid movie.

On our social media and websites we parade around with our trophy trying to show people “Look! My home bakery it legit! Look at the delicious things I make! Look at the list of organic ingredients I use! Come over here and read my life story that’s all about me!”

I did this too. It’s how we all start out and there’s no shame in that because it’s what we see so many other businesses do.

But if you want your Home Bakery Business to GROW, you’re going to need to start to approach your business’ story DIFFERENTLY.

Truth is, my dear friend, we are NOT the hero of the story.

YOUR CLIENT is the hero.

Your business’ story is about guiding your client to success.

You’re Mr Miyagi!! You are the GUIDE, not the hero.

A successful business is the one guiding Daniel (your client) and helping him to overcome his problems and reach success.

When your business is all about YOU, it won’t attract new clients.

But when your business starts to revolve around your clients’ success, they start flocking to you automatically!

Believe it or not this is just ONE of the SEVEN steps that Donald Miller teaches you in his best-selling book – Building a StoryBrand.

When I started positioning my Home Bakery Business as the GUIDE and the client as the hero, things in my biz totally transformed!

Building a StoryBrand is THE BEST book on Marketing I’ve ever read. Period.

The strategies in this book are a bit more advanced though. This book will only be beneficial to you once you’ve already got a website and have worked through the book The $100 Startup already.

Building a StoryBrand has changed my life! You can also check out their podcast which is free and incredible >> Building a StoryBrand Podcast. But start at EPISODE 1! Don’t skip ahead and miss all the gold!

5. Free Home Bakery Business Training

I’ve shared a lot of valuable resources with you in this post.

Personally I had to digest all these resources and at least 100 others – I’m talking more books, endless podcast episodes, expensive online courses and more.

Then I had to spend years TESTING & TWEAKING all this info to see what works specifically for a Home Bakery to get you consistent orders – and what doesn’t.

I’ve already gone through this effort, so that means you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself! I’d like to invite you to my free Masterclass where I’ll show you how to create a Home Bakery Business with consistent orders and a stable income – without spending a cent on ads!

That’s it for this post 🙂 I hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering what resources I’ve used to get my Home Bakery Business to where it is today!

Don’t wait to “have money” before you start learning. As I said in this post, books are cheap! Dive in and take responsibility for your own education. Apply everything you learn and I guarantee you that your Baking Business WILL GROW.



Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment)

5 Mindset Shifts to Make Your Home Bakery More Successful

5 Mindset Shifts to Make Your Home Bakery More Successful

5 Mindset Shifts to Make Your Home Bakery More Successful

We all want our Home Baking Businesses to thrive and be our full-time job.

And over my last 6 years of full-time baking it’s become crystal clear that our baking talents or resources are not the key factors that determine our business’s success at all!

We keep thinking the reasons our Home Bakery is struggling are our recipes, abilities and lack of resources, but they are not to blame.

It’s not really everything outside you that’s holding your business back, but everything that’s going on in your MIND…

I never used to give much credit to my thought life and mindsets until I went to a psychiatrist (for the first time EVER!) 2 years ago. She told me something I will never ever forget:

The quality of your thoughts will determine the quality of your life.” Powerful statement, right?

And she was right, because your thoughts influence your feelings >> your feelings influence your actions >> your actions determine your results.

That’s the power and authority your thoughts have in your life.

Over the last few months I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking over which specific mindsets I have struggled with as a Home Baker.

Understanding, recognizing and changing these mindsets have been absolutely KEY to my business’s success!

Let’s get to it! Here are 5 Mindsets that are Sabotaging your Home Bakery – right under your nose…


1. Scarcity Mindset to Abundance Mindset

This is a mindset I’ve struggled with since childhood because it stems from competition. All kids are raised in a competitive environment. School is one huge competition. Academics, sports even personality are all governed by competition.

We are taught that there can only be ONE winner.

If Suzie won the 100 meter dash and is the winner, that means I am the loser. BUT, my friend, business is NOT like sports. In fact, business is NOTHING like sports! Especially CREATIVE businesses – and Home Bakeries definitely fall in this category!

The scarcity mindset will let your thoughts play out like this:

Oh no! There’s a new home bakery in my neighbourhood! This is a disaster!
I need to be better and do better than her
How can I get to the clients first?
How can I stop her from stealing my clients?
This has just ruined everything! Oh no, her chocolate cake looks better than mine!! Couldn’t she just have picked another neighbourhood?? I was here first!

The scarcity mind set has taught you that “this town is not big enough for the two of us”… I used to go through this tormenting thought cycle every other day during the first 3 years of my Home Bakery. But that scarcity mind set is a LIE. Plain and simple.

There is no winner or loser in baking!!!!

We are all on the same team here! There’s more than enough sunshine and business for all of us! We have a common goal: to bless the world with ridiculously delicious Home Baking.

Other Home Bakers are your friends, not your competition.

99% of home bakers are kind, generous and loving. They are your teammates. If they win – you win! If you win – they win!

Our goal is not to drive each other out of business, is it? NO!! Our goal is for people to experience the awesomeness of flavourful baking.

And most importantly, remember that there are 8 BILLION people on the planet. And all of them need to eat every day.

The problem is we home bakers just ASSUME we need EVERYONE in our town/city to order from us if our business is going to survive. This is simply FALSE.

Just because someone else is successful, doesn’t mean there’s less success for you. Thinking like this is a FALSE belief that I also had when I started out.

But as a full-time home baker of 6+ years I can now tell you with 100% certainty that you only need about 100-150 loyal clients to succeed. That’s ENOUGH to make a comfortable living as a baker.

You don’t need everyone to order from you. You don’t need thousands of clients to succeed. Just 100-150 loyal clients is ENOUGH. And it’s a very possible goal!

Struggling with people pleasing? In a Home Bakery Business this leads to attracting difficult clients that expect discounts, show up late for their collection, complain and manipulate you to jump through hoops for them over and over again! STOP this cycle. There's a better way. Here's how people pleasing is affecting your baking business and what to do instead... #homebakery #peoplepleasing #homebaking #homebaker


2. You DON’T Need to Please Everyone

I’ve come across hundreds of home bakers that say on all their platforms that they “bake anything for any occasion”.

They have a mindset that this is the only way they can get new clients and be successful. I used to say this too! But it is one of the biggest mistakes that’s sabotaging your baking business!!

Defining a niche is a MUST for any business.

The word “niche” means that you plan your menu and home bakery in such a way that it appeals to a small, specialized section of the population.

The word “small” may be a bit alarming, but let me explain the incredible advantages of defining your niche.   I’ll use a metaphor to illustrate my point.

Let’s say you have a headache and go to the pharmacy to buy some tablets to fix your headache. On the pharmacy shelves you see 2 possible options to help you fix your headache.

On the left you see a box with the words “Quick, effective relief for headaches!”.

On the right you see a green bottle that says: “The tablet that does it all! Fixes hair loss, pimples, stomach cramps, headaches, nausea and dementia”.

Which medicine would you choose? You’d choose the box that specifically fixes headaches, right?

Because it’s purpose and focus is clear. You know that it understands your problem and that it will solve that problem for you. And the same principle applies in EVERY single type of business.

Defining a niche that you are passionate about and good at will grow your business because it will appeal to and thoroughly answer the needs of a very specific type of customer.

That’s why doctors specialize in specific areas of medicine. It’s why hardware stores, jewelry stores, book stores, butchers, carpenters (I could go on and on and on) still remain successful.

They’ve defined their target market and do what they are good at and passionate about. They’ve defined their niche and stuck to it.

They’re considered as experts in their niche and are famous for giving their clients the best service possible.

Imagine if a jewelry store also sold hardware?! American Swiss Jewelry & Hardware.

Your perceived value of their jewelry would decrease drastically, wouldn’t it??

Their reason may have been: “But then we will appeal to more clients! People who want jewelry AND people who want hardware! Our potential clients will increase by 62%!”

BUT by trying to please everyone, even their current jewelry clients will end up moving on to another store that caters specifically to their needs.

So remember, if you’re trying to please absolutely everyone with your selection of products, you will end up pleasing no one.

Lucky for you there’s a guide in the Free Resource Library called “How to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Home Bakery“. Join the Free Resource Library now to get the free guide.


3. Distinguishing a Personal Expense from a BUSINESS INVESTMENT

One of my TOP MISTAKES that held my Home Bakery for 3 YEARS is my inherent, championship grade frugal-ness. I absolutely LOOOOVE saving money. I’ve even written a post on 5 Tips to Save Money in your Home Bakery.

But I failed to understand and embrace the one thing that is BETTER than saving money… And that is making more PROFIT.

Buying something that will enable my business to generate more profit is not “spending”. Such a purchase an investment in the success of your business.

It’s not like you’re buying a dress that you just wear, enjoy and eventually throw out. If it’s a tool or resource that will empower your business to generate more profit, go for it.

The investment will pay itself off in a matter of weeks and you’ll be FAST-TRACKED TO SUCCESS!

In the name of “saving money” I held my business back for 3 long years and I seriously regret it. Investing in a few programs and tools earlier on would have gotten me to my goals 3 YEARS FASTER.

3 Years is a lot of time.

Time is something you can NEVER get back, but money is something you can MAKE back.

During those first 3 years I regularly placed myself in a position where I’d rather spend my time than spend my money. This mind set is exactly what kept be getting to burnout point over an over again…

Listen friend, YOUR TIME IS THE MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE YOU HAVE. Don’t treat it like it’s limitless – because it is absolutely not. It’s priceless.

Invest in time saving tools & resources wherever you can. This will get you to your goals FASTER.

Whether that’s investing in Home Bakery pricing & bookkeeping templates that help you to do your finances in just 10 minutes per week! Not to mention they take all the stress and anxiety out of managing your Home Bakery’s finances.

Or joining my free resource library and completing the Home Bakery Business Plan Template.

Or reading books about how to market your baked goods in a way that customers actually pay attention and place an order! Instead of constantly struggling to get new customers, just learn from the people who have gone before you 🙂 Get my book recommendations here.

Is your Home Bakery stuck and just not growing? Do you feel like you're trying your best, but just not seeing the sales you're longing for? In this post you'll discover 5 false mindsets about life and business that are probably holding you back right now! Learn what they are and learn how to overcome them so your home baking business can succeed faster... #homebaking #homebakery #baking #bakingbusiness #homebusiness


4. Transitioning from a Freelancer to a Boss

I recently watched a video by online entrepreneur Courtney Chaal on this topic. All home bakers start out as freelancers meaning that someone asks for a certain bake for a certain day and we proceed to make it for them.

The client calls the shots. They determine what we make and when we make it. This means that our business strategy is to just REACT to our clients.

You might still be running your Home Bakery this way and be thinking “well, what other way is there??”…

There is another way my friend and that is to become a BOSS and start running your business like a boss.

A boss decides what services and products they do and do not offer. They call the shots and determine the course of their business.

A freelancer is just reacting to clients and their business will end up going wherever their clients end up taking them – which could be in circles and not forward.

There is a COLOSSAL difference between a freelancer and a boss!!

ALL Home Bakers do start out at freelancers, but if you desire success for your Baking Business, you will need to make the mindset shift into the boss world – sooner rather than later.

As soon as you have defined a niche you want to commit to, it’s time to put on your boss pants.

Your clients will no longer be deciding what you bake and when you bake it for. YOU will now be the one deciding how your business is going to operate.

Another amazing benefit of boss pants it that you get to decide who you want to work with or not.

I sometimes get emails from potential clients and their tone will be quite aggressive like they own me or something. Experienced that before?

In theory I know I could accommodate their order, but they don’t respect my batch quantity rule or collection times or expect me to reply to their email over a weekend. ALL of those are signs of someone I do not want to work with.

So then I say NO.

And the BEST perk of boss pants is that you will get to create your own signature products that you can sell over and over again without the need to customize every single bake for every single client.

This enables you to:

Deliver the best possible bakes for your clients,
charge more because the quality is so high,
bake what YOU enjoy and

Are you ready to make that mind set shift into the boss world?

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5. You DON’T Need to be Like Sally

Comparison can be the biggest stumbling block in your journey as a Home Baker.   But I’ve learned that the authority of comparison is only as severe as I allow it to be.

You can walk out of it, free, at any time YOU CHOOSE. Think of it as the “V for Vendetta” prison cell scenario.

Believe me, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to make this mind set shift! We were all raised in a competitive environment as kids. We were graded on everything and every single activity, test, event, etc. was an opportunity for competition!

This has caused our brains to constantly compare our work to other people’s work. Sometimes people close to us will even accidentally say things like “why can’t you be more like that?”.

Any CREATIVE absolutely needs to overcome the obstacle of comparison in order to find their own voice because nothing stifles your own creativity (and confidence) like constant comparison.

Confidence and success will not magically come to you the day that everyone else’s work sucks. That’s impossible! Everyone around you has to keep growing and exploring.

We need to learn how to deal with the brilliance of others and be your own true, awesome self in the midst of that.

Being exposed to the baking talents of others needs to be a healthy, objective experience EVERY time. Remember that all home bakers are your friends – not your enemy or competition!! (read mind set #1 – Scarcity Mind Set)

If you keep comparing your baking to anyone else’s, you will never be able to gain the open ground you need to explore your OWN creativity and authenticity.

Your Home Bakery’s BEST CHANCE AT SUCCESS is completely embracing who you are meant to be – NOT who Sally is meant to be.


6. Overcoming the Fear of Failure

BONUS Mindset!! 😀 But, truth be told, I started writing about this crazy prevalent mind set that MOST Home Bakers struggle with and quickly realized that overcoming the Fear of Failure is a whole blog post on its own…

So I decided to discuss this topic with you NEXT POST. Click here to read “How to Overcome the Fear of Failure in Your Home Bakery”.

There are so many valuable perspectives about conquering fear – I can’t wait for you to read them!! They’ve transformed my life and my business.

Which mindset are you going to start shifting this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Aurelia 🙂


Want to start a Home Bakery Business? Or maybe you have a business but you want more customers and consistent orders? Here's a free library full of resources, tips, tools, secret recipes and ideas to grow your Home Baking Business. Click through to access the free library! #homebakery #homebaking #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness
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Want to start a Home Bakery Business? Or maybe you have a business but you want more customers and consistent orders? Here's a free library full of resources, tips, tools, secret recipes and ideas to grow your Home Baking Business. Click through to access the free library! #homebakery #homebaking #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness
You absolutely DO NOT need to make fondant cakes to have a successful Home Bakery Business! Learn how I've been baking, full-time, for 6 years without EVER touching fondant! Click to learn how you can do it too... #homebakery #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness #homebaking #baking
One of the BEST ways to make your home bakery business stand out from your competition, is to pick a business name that actually attracts customers! In this post you'll get a behind the scenes look at what customers look for in a business name. You'll finally understand which types of business names attract them to a baking business, and which types of names put them off or bore them. Click the post to get the tips now! #homebakery #bakingbusiness #businessname #baking #homebaking

Got a question? Something to add? Let’s chat in the comments section down below! (I respond to every single comment)

Home Bakery Time Management – 6 Tips to Get Your Baking Done Faster

Home Bakery Time Management – 6 Tips to Get Your Baking Done Faster

Home Bakery Time Management – 6 Tips to Get Your Baking Done Faster

The BEST ways to get more things done in your Home Bakery is not a bigger oven or a better mixer (although those tools can help).

I’m talking about tips that go way beyond any piece of equipment.

Resourcefulness can accomplish a whole lot more than resources my friend.

This post is also definitely not about just “working harder”! That’s not productivity, but actually just “slaving away”, so we’re not going there!

Today’s tips are more about practical advice on mindsets, planning, and time management. If you manage your thoughts and time effectively, I promise you’ll get your baking done so much faster than you imagined was possible.

And to help you plan better and be more efficient, I’ve created a free Weekly Planner for you to download and use in your own business! Here’s how to get it:

1. Join my free Resource Library for Home Bakers,
2. download the planner and
3. print it out 😀 Simple.

Do you want to be more organized & efficient with your time in your Home Bakery Business? Or maybe you want to ditch the regular burn-out for a more consistent, sustainable approach to your home baking? In this post, I interview a whole bunch of home bakers - ranging from single to married to Moms with kids - to get their best tips for time management! It IS possible to bake for profit AND have time for family. Here's how to do it... #baking #homebaking #bakingbusiness #homebakery #timemanagement

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you end up buying one of these products – but it’s at no extra cost to you. I’m proud to recommend these products to you because I know they’ll increase your productivity at the most affordable rate possible.

Here are my 6 tips for getting your baking done faster and managing your time well in your Home Bakery Business.

And read till the end to get a BONUS TIP!


1. Start the day in “Creating Mode”, not in “Comparison Mode”

This is a tip I recently learned from Angie Lee on The Influencer podcast by Julie Solomon.

Every morning you wake up; your mindset and thought patterns seriously determine the rest of your day.

Those thought patterns will literally call the shots on your work speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Going on Instagram first thing in the morning to look at the feed of your heroes and idols is one sure way to put a rain-cloud on your productivity for the day.

Here’s what happens when you look at all that spectacular feed, deeply inhaling the coveting fumes and singing “I wanna be like you-ou-ou!”…

Your mind is forming a sub-conscious conclusion that you are not good enough and that you’ll probably never be enough and you should actually be more like “them” and less like you. Comparison drains life out of you and clouds your mind. And a clouded mind KILLS productivity.

Comparison thoughts that have the power to torment you the rest of the day. And this all happens when you’ve opened yourself up to all of that comparison and negative thoughts.

All of those thoughts are RUBBBBBBISSHHHHHHHH.

baking tips, baking business, home bakery

So instead of going on Instagram first thing in the morning and providing fertile soil and a greenhouse for those thought patterns, just don’t even open that box my friend!

Wake up in CREATING mode instead! This means that you wake up with the intention to CREATE beautiful, delicious things today.

Your goal is to make something, to add something to the world by brightening up someone’s day with a yummy treat made just for them! Engage your thoughts in that glorious mission and your baking day will be so much more productive!


2. Master your Evening Routine

A productive baking day starts the NIGHT BEFORE. If you feel lethargic and meh on your work day, you may need to get honest with yourself about your evening routine.

Yep, I’m talking to you Netflix-er!

Watching movies and series can be a good way to unwind and laugh at the end of a rough day, but you absolutely need to keep an eye on the clock.

If you want your mind and body to function optimally the next day, make it your mission to sleep enough and give your body all the rest it needs.

And here comes the difficult part… Stay away from ANY screens for at least half an hour before you go to bed. Digital screens have a very particular kind of light that stimulates our brains and keeps them awake.

So, switch your phone to airplane mode half an hour before you plan to sleep and don’t look at it again. Rather take this time to listen to music, or read a bit or colour in (it works wonders for relaxation!!).

Planning your evening routine instead of letting it just “happen”, will give your body the rest it needs which will make you more productive the next day.

Also take time in the evening to write out your schedule for the next day. Be practical and write out for yourself WHEN you’re going to do which tasks. This way you won’t feel flooded by a wave of overwhelm the next day. You’ll feel more in control of your day, instead of putting out fires all day long.


3. Divide Your Day into Phases

I just rubbed my hand over my face as I read this heading, because I realized that I keep forgetting to apply this tip!

Life is busy. Life is hard. Unless you look at it in part.

By this I mean that it’s not a good idea to look at EVERYTHING you need to do today AT THE SAME TIME. This will lead to severe overwhelm.

Overwhelm overloads your mind and emotions with expectations. A list of 20 expectations will absolutely shut you down, weigh you down and prevent you from functioning productively.

Breaking the day up into separate tasks does not help me either – because the amount of tasks is still overwhelming!

All Home Bakers want to get their baking done faster, because higher productivity means higher profit margins! Not to mention MORE time with family! The mistake we often make is to think that hard work = productivity, which is a recipe for burnout! Learn how to boost your Home Bakery Business's productivity by working SMARTER, not harder. #homebakery #bakingbusiness #homebaking #baking


What I like to do is divide my day up into phases.

Defining the different phases of my day helps me to focus clearly on a handful of tasks that all fall under the same type of category.

By focusing on 1 phase at a time, I don’t clutter my thoughts with too many tasks or wonder “WHEN am I going to get that thing done?!”.

I know when I’m going to get that done. It will get done in my late afternoon phase, so I don’t need to spend any energy worrying about it NOW.


I encourage you to test which tasks fit better into which phases of your day.

Some tasks might be easier for you to complete in the morning than for others.

I’ve heard that it’s bad for creatives to answer emails first thing in the morning, but I love it! The world is still quiet and I get to chat with awesome peeps like you first thing – I love starting my day this way.

But laundry is a late morning phase thing for me. The thought of doing laundry first thing in the morning makes me want to cry.

So there are no rules here. Divide your day into phases and distribute your tasks as YOU like them.

Don’t force yourself to do laundry first thing in the morning just because people label such a routine as “super productive”!

Rather be realistic and honest with yourself about which tasks suit YOU better at certain times of the day.

I also like to divide my baking up into 5 phases every day:

Early Morning – Phase 1 – ADMIN for 1 hour: This is the only time of the day I check emails. One of the worst, most time-consuming mistakes you can make is to answer emails on your phone all day long. It breaks your concentration and slows you down!  I specifically removed email from my phone so I’m not tempted to respond. Set a time to answer emails on your computer and then walk away!

Morning – Phase 2 – PREP: I sift all my dry ingredients, chop everything that needs to be chopped, cut out the correct parchment sizes, etc.

Late Morning – Phase 3 – BAKING SHIFT 1: This is just to get my baking GOING. I’ll bake 1 thing just to make me feel like I’m making progress. It’s usually a layer cake because I know it needs lots of time to cool before I can start decorating it.

LUNCH – It’s super important to take a short break from your work and SIT DOWN to eat. No order is more important that your health & sanity.

Afternoon – Phase 4 – BAKING SHIFT 2: Rest of the baking work.


Late afternoon – Phase 5 – DECORATING & CLEAN UP.

Early evening – Phase 6 – POSTING ON INSTAGRAM STORIES. Back in the day I used to share behind the scenes videos and photos of my baking throughout the day on my Instagram Stories, but that takes up soooo much more time! It works much better to take photos & videos throughout the day and then post all of it at the same time. It’s a lot better for your engagement too because when your followers start engaging with your stories they want to see what happens next! Making them wait 4 hours to see the next shot isn’t fun for them.

Dividing up my day into these phases has helped SO much to make my baking days feel less overwhelming. This structure has helped me to accomplish more in less time.


4. Do Tasks in Bulk

It’s a whole lot more efficient to simply to do things in bulk wherever it’s possible because jumping between tasks wastes heaps of time.

Doing things in bulk will streamline your productivity and business like crazy.

This also means setting aside times in the day for certain tasks and sticking to that schedule!

For example: Do not answer emails all throughout the day. You can follow my routine I listed a bit earlier. Or you can decide on 2 half hour slots per day for answering emails – one in the late morning and one in the late afternoon.

Keep your phone AWAY from your kitchen when you are baking!! Instagram is the graveyard of time!! Schedule “Insta-times” for yourself in the day, but it cannot be during baking time.

If you had a corporate job, ANY boss would be infuriated if you went on Instagram every 10 minutes, because that means you are stealing his time and being unproductive.

Well my friend, YOU are your own boss now which means that you are actually stealing your own time. Yikes!

Batching is also essential in your baking tasks. PREP IS EVERYTHING. More on this in Tip 6!


5. INVEST in TIME savers

Time is something you can NEVER get back, but Money is something you can make back.

I recently learned this from Sterling Griffin! And upon hearing this and really letting it sink in, I quickly became SHOCKED by how little value I put on my time.

I am super frugal, so I often place myself in a position where I’d rather spend my time than spend money.

This mindset is the ANTIDOTE to productivity.

YOUR TIME IS THE MOST VALUABLE COMMODITY YOU HAVE. Don’t treat it like it’s limitless – because it is absolutely not. It’s priceless.

Invest in time saving tools wherever you are able to. This will get you to your goals FASTER.

Struggling to find time for yourself and your family in your home bakery business? These AMAZING time management tips from a 6+ years full-time home baker are exactly what you need! Learn how to use what you've got to get your baking done faster. Learn how to prioritize and plan effectively so you are in charge of your schedule, make a great profit, and don't burn out in the process! #homebaking #homebakery #athomebakery #cakebusiness #cupcakebusiness

Let me use a super obvious example to illustrate my point.

There was a time when a cheese grater was a new invention… Up until then, everyone was just slicing vegetables and other foods with simple knives.

I’m SURE there were women those days that said: “I cannot afford a grater! Money is scarce! I’d rather just keep slicing my carrots by hand for my carrot cakes.”

But others saw the opportunity this grater device was offering. It would save them TIME. If they didn’t need to spend an hour on slicing carrots for 1 cake, they could now double their carrot cake production for the day and MAKE DOUBLE THE PROFIT!


Initially you may need to spend some money to buy a time saving tool, but consider your RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Will this tool/service/course save you time?

Will this tool/service/course increase your baking capacity and grow your business?

If the answer is YES, then borrow money to invest in that tool. The tool will pay itself off and then proceed to save you time, generate more profit for you and grow your baking business.

For example, it takes up so much time to create templates for invoices, quotes, sales tracking, monthly income statements, etc. But it’s going to save you so much time and frustration to just use mine 🙂 You can get all my templates in the Confident Pricing & Profit Kit.

Another great example: I used to use cup measurements in my baking. But when I started baking for Wholesale Clients I quickly realized that cup measurements just aren’t practical in a Home Bakery! You need to wash them over and over throughout the day and it WASTES SO MUCH TIME.

Getting a digital kitchen scale was the BEST investment (around $25) to save me time and frustration. You just weigh everything directly into your mixing bowl in like 3 minutes total. It’s fantastic! Plus, no extra cups to clean and your baking turns out consistent and perfect every time.


Hard work does not necessarily equal productivity! Discover 6 amazing tips to BOOST your Home Bakery Business's productivity by working SMARTER, not harder. Click through to get the tips! #homebakery #bakingbusiness #cakebusiness #bakefromhome


6. Do as Many Tasks as Possible in Advance

The only things you need to do as late as possible is baking the goods, decorating them, and packaging them. But everything else you can do well in advance!

Baking Days and Order Collection/Delivery Days are already stressful and crazy. The last thing you want to worry about is cutting out labels or finishing the decorations on your packaging.

Here’s a list of tasks you can do way in advance:

🍪 Sift all your dry ingredients (the day before baking day) into little labelled zip seal baggies. This way you won’t have to jump between dry and wet ingredients for every single item you mix and your counter space will be less cluttered.

🍪 Create all your decorations in advance. I often decorate my bakes with Dark Chocolate Curls or messages I write with Chocolate. But since chocolate has a super long shelf-life, you can do tasks like this a week or more in advance. Constantly be on the lookout for decorating tasks you can do in advance.

🍪 Finish up your packaging way in advance. There’s zero reason for doing this on order collection day! Cut all ribbons, string & labels while you watch a movie on the weekends. If you write thank you notes, cut the paper well in advance. And whatever you can stick, write or tie in advance, do it. This way you can just pop the baked goods in their boxes in a flash!


7. Bonus Tip! REST is an Investment in Productivity

This seems boring and irrelevant, but RESTING STRATEGICALLY MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE!!!

I apologize for all the caps and exclamations, but I just had to include them because most bakers struggle to rest.

You NEED to be disciplined about resting.

I used to see resting as wasting time and kept thinking of how much I could be doing in that time.

But here’s another perspective:

You can’t be productive when you burn out, can you?

You can’t be productive if you are constantly exhausted, can you?

Lately I’ve been colouring in for 30 minutes a day with classical music and a cup of tea. You actually get Colouring in Books for Adults and IT WORKS WONDERS! No wonder life was so FUN and exciting when we were kids!

And do not watch series or movies because that won’t let the emotional part of your brain rest.

But whatever works for you, find a way to REST – even for just 15 minutes a day. The world can wait for 15 minutes. We’re not THAT important 😜

Resting at the same time every day also gives you something to look forward to! It’s a time slot that’s YOURS. Having this time to recuperate, rest your body and mind will make you more productive throughout the rest of the day.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my 7 tips to boost your productivity!

Which of these tips are you going to apply this week? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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