14 Tools You Need to Start a Home Bakery

14 Tools You Need to Start a Home Bakery

14 Tools you Need to Start a Home Bakery

Kitchen gear envy…

It’s a thing man.

Everywhere on Instagram and YouTube we see strings of bakers with like 2 or 3 Kitchen Aid Mixers in pretty pastel colours, huge ovens and a jar with 30 spatulas.

And so we automatically assume that we need all of those things before our kitchen is “good enough” to start our own Home Bakery.

But today I’m telling you once and for all that you don’t need a whole heap of fancy kitchen appliances to start a successful Home Bakery Business!

I got by with the cheapest hand mixer for a year and hand-me-down mixing bowls. All these other expensive appliances are not essential; they just look prettier and make things a tiny bit easier.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you end up buying one of these products – but it’s at no extra cost to you. I handpicked all of these items and believe each one of them is the best value for money. I’m proud to recommend these tools to you because I know they’ll enhance your baking life at the most affordable rate possible.


1. Your Oven

Most importantly you need an oven… In theory you could use a mini oven, but you won’t be able to bake much at a time, so I recommend that you invest in an 81 litre oven. It’s about 0,6 m x 0,6 m and is usually the standard domestic oven used in homes. It’s the perfect size; you don’t need anything bigger than this.

I’ve used this size oven since the very start of my Home Bakery and I still do. My oven is a Defy and I LOVE it! It’s dependable, accurate and bakes perfectly. I bought it secondhand for $200.

Of course, most homes already have an oven, so you probably won’t even need to buy one!


2. Digital Kitchen Scale (Battery Powered)

Great baking requires GREAT precision. And if you want to bake for paying customers, you’ll need to make sure your baking is consistent!

A customer needs to have the exact same experience when they order the same bake from you more than once. I’m sure you’ve experienced eating something at a restaurant that was mind-blowing and then when you order it again a month later it’s just not up to the same standard.

I’m sure you don’t want your customers to have that experience with your Home Bakery, right?

To bake for paying customers, you need consistent accuracy in your baking. Unfortunately baking with cup measurements just doesn’t give you the consistent accuracy you need.

For example; a cup of flour can weigh anywhere from 140 g – 200 g. This can make a cake turn out dry and dense instead of moist and tender. Every gram of flour makes a significant difference in your results!

Do yourself and your customers a favour and invest in a digital kitchen scale. They are really inexpensive (like $16 – $20) and will give you great precision and results in your baking!

Another awesome perk of digital scales is that you can mix batter much faster! Measuring ingredients in 5 different cup sizes can take forever, but with a scale you can just weigh ingredients directly into your bowl, press the zero button and weigh the next ingredient directly into the bowl.

This obviously also saves a lot of washing up since you’re weighing all ingredients into the bowl and not dirtying your measuring cups.

A digital kitchen scale is my favourite Home Bakery tool by far. Best $20 I ever spent!

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13. 2 Inch Cookie Scoop

Although this is not really an “essential” item, it will make your life a heck of a lot easier and will make your cookies look more uniform. The domed shape of the cookie dough will also end up making the center of your cookies thicker and sides thinner. Translation = crispy outside, gooey center!

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